🕎Hanukkah, Tradition & Prophecy

Everyday ✡Jews are very dismissive,
The significance of 🕎🔯Hanukkah,
Which scripture describes as 🌋apocalyptic.


Put down your 📲cell phones- take a good look 🤓around,
The 🌫spirits of 👥Ammon & Amalek have been floating abound.

No question Jesus Christ is true 🙌Messiah.
He overcame sin and ⚰death, as ✒📃written by the prophet ISAIAH.

Christ Jesus was ✡Jewish culturally, and followed 🕍Judaism religiously.

People think Jesus had an issue with 📃Torah-
It’s more like he was opposed to items 💰💵 sold at 🕍temple by “Korah.”

Jesus was never fond of the 💂‍♂️Sanhedrin;
Sadducees and pharisees – they didn’t like him.
They lied and tried to make up their own 📝doctrine.

Jesus encouraged 🔯Jews to follow 📃 Torah.
Most importantly, to 💙 love one-another, and even light the 🕎 menorah.

There were no ⛪”Christians” in Jesus’ day-
So why are 🙏 believers called by this name?

⁉️What’s the reason for this poem – what’s pointed out?
Christians and Jews should know what 🕯🕎Hanukkah is truly about.


📖 Daniel, Amos, and John 10:22,
Clearly layout what will happen to all believers & 🔯Jews.

Another 🌋holocaust for all – this time, Part 2.
It will be hard to 👀see – so, what are we to do?

This time not freed, more like 💀extinct.
The G-d we serve is😈 evil’s enemy, yet he’s the 🗝⛓ link.

We’ve gone through this 💨before, don’t tarry, don’t 🏳give in.
The ⬆️ G-d of Abraham has said that in the end, we will 🥇🏆win.

If our ⬆️ G-d and His son is with us, then who can be 🚫against us?

People lack 🥊hootzpah, but they want 💸blessings,
Without 🙏repentance or kindness, would one deserve such things?

⬆️ G-D ensured our separation from 😈 evil,
Because HE IS HOLY; Fallen⤵️ 😇angels bring 😭 upheaval.

⬆️G-D added a divider, after 😈Lucifer’s fall,
Attempting to protect 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 us, one and all.

What’s wrong with our 🌏world, our entire society?
People have 🤕lost their minds, and are filled with 😖anxiety.

Speaking👱‍♀️ for myself I tell you and say,
I myself had to ⬇️ fall, to feel 🛐remorse in anyway.

That was then before my 👀eyes were opened,
What was I serving? Because I know my ❤💫soul felt 💔broken.

You see us ✡Jews, we’ve been through some 💩 shit,
Since exiting 👳‍♂️Egypt, to one-another we stick.
[*⬆️NOTE: please excuse the language]

🔯Torah foretells there will come a ⌛ time,
🌆Darkness will overflow 👿evil 🖤hearts, souls and 😠minds.

That 🌫spirit flows now, it spreads in the air,
Waiting to overtake 🗡⛏us, it’s so obvious and quite clear.

Pure 😡hatred comes out from these things that serve 👹evil,
Our 💡light displays ⬆️ G-d’s 💙 love, and 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️they are deceitful.

I can feel the ☠ hate, running through their veins,
They won’t admit it 🗣 openly… the fact is, they have no 🚫 shame.

Too early for them to show that dark 👻spirit,
That doesn’t mean they don’t want us to feel, or 👂 hear it.

To them I 🤣 laugh straight in their face,
I have no 💪fear- our ⬆️ G-D is ready and in place.

When that ⌚time comes Christ Jesus will give me 🏋️‍♀️ strength,
To fight these demons, no matter their 🦂🦐🦈length!

Just as 🏋️‍♂️Sampson and King 🤴David did,
We will 🥊fight and defeat the 🤺 enemy. Then, we will be ⛺hid…

Afterwards, G-d will instruct His son, Jesus,
To come back to 🌍earth and 🥊fight for us -because WE are ⬆️His.

Ironic🤔 to see that NOW the 🔯Sanhredrin, [the ones who killed Jesus…]
Wish to team together ALL Jews and ALL Christians.

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📣”I tell you the truth, but you do not believe.” Words🗣 people have 👂heard, but could not 🤔conceive.

This last 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦generation no matter how ⁉️dumb,
Has inconceivably 💻 de-coded prophetic 😖madness described as 🌆glum.

Just as in the 🍎🌳beginning- so shall the 🌋🌊🌠 end be,
What was once 🕵️‍♀️ hidden, shall again be 👀seen.

🕎Hanukkah is a prophetic messianic time,
When both, the Christian and Jew will UNITE🤝.

We are now living in those times,
In order to 👓 see it,
📺Watch the 📰news, uncover your minds.

📖 Read the story of 👧ESTHER (Esther_and_the_Moon.html),

✡Read story about the MACABEES,

You’ll find out more about 🕎Hanukkah,
Despite Adam Sandler’s 🎤🎼song, 🕎✡Hanukkah isn’t related to 🌱chronica, or a 🎵harmonica.

🕎 “Hanukkah Sameach!”

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