🤤Pandemonium, the world🌏 is out of control🕹🎮
DO NOT🚫 become un-glued😢
For ☝🏼GOD is in the know🤔

Whatever it is that’s planned📄📔
Will surely come about
We have the 🙏SON OF MAN
NO NEED to 🗣🔊scream or shout❗

🙏🏽Ask ☝🏼GOD to give you strength💪
Forgive💖 your enemy🕵️‍♂️
Repent🛐 while you still can
Raise up 🤗🙌🏻the SON OF MAN💞


ℹWatch “Product of the corona virus must watch part 6 E2” on YouTube

ℹWatch “URGENT!! I Drove Cross Country: Grocery Supply Chains DOWN!!(Mirrored)” on YouTube


🙏Faith🙌 Healing👨‍⚕️



Another injury🤕😷, another testimony 🙌
By 💞Faith you 👨‍⚕️heal, because you are Holy 💫

Jesus you 🤗 are my 👨‍⚕️physician
🙏Faith has zero to do with bogus 🏯⛪🕌religion🕍

💊💉Healing comes from 🙏belief
No one👥👤 can take it, not even a thief🕵️‍♂️

Cut part of my 👍thumb 🔪off neglectfully cooking🍳
This wasn’t planned, I just 🚫wasn’t looking 👀


🛐Plead the blood of Christ because I believe 💞💫
🏥24 hours later, my thumb use 🚑retrieved

🛐Thank you Lord Jesus, my 🤗savior ☝️G-d’s son….
Only through you, can I hear G-d say📣 “well done.”

Crystal Lewis- Lord I Believe In You w/Lyrics – YouTube