🤤Pandemonium, the world🌏 is out of control🕹🎮
DO NOT🚫 become un-glued😢
For ☝🏼GOD is in the know🤔

Whatever it is that’s planned📄📔
Will surely come about
We have the 🙏SON OF MAN
NO NEED to 🗣🔊scream or shout❗

🙏🏽Ask ☝🏼GOD to give you strength💪
Forgive💖 your enemy🕵️‍♂️
Repent🛐 while you still can
Raise up 🤗🙌🏻the SON OF MAN💞


ℹWatch “Product of the corona virus must watch part 6 E2” on YouTube

ℹWatch “URGENT!! I Drove Cross Country: Grocery Supply Chains DOWN!!(Mirrored)” on YouTube


NOT🚫 Alone🕴

Lord I 🛐came before your throne ⛅💫👼
Because I felt so all alone 🕴

Imprisoned 😢in this place🌎
In 🌑darkness seeking🔦 your face💥

But you 👂heard me 🙏and now do shine🕯💡
So 💫sublimely, you’re so kind 💞

Undeserving as am I 👱‍♀️
🛐Humbled… now I sigh😧

Haters😬🤥😠 hate and do 🤳🤝conveyne
For me there’s ☝️YOU w/Christ 💪in-between

This battle💣exhausted all my might😩
Your 🔋🔌📡power now is in their 🔭sight

May those🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️ who see 👱‍♀️me, see your light💥
To your 📖word, we 🙏 hold on tight 🤛

Let them👥have 👂ears & 👀eyes to 👓see🤓
Nothing 🚵‍♀️impossible for me, WITH 💫THEE🏆🎖

All ⚡power and glory💥 belongs to you
With your 🙇‍♂️son, who holds all 🗝truth🤚

Anonymous 💙

“[G-D] raised⬆️ [Christ] from the ⚰dead and seated him at His right hand in the ⛅💫heavenly places… . He put all things under his feet👣 and gave him as head 👨‍⚖over all things to the ⛪🕍church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills🍵all in all.”

– Ephesians 1:20–23




🌄Everyday is a 🙏blessed gift 🎁
But sometimes it’s hard🤦‍♂️ to live

We hide 🕵️‍♂️what’s deep inside ,💔
So as to not lose our🤕 minds

Read 📖Psalms 9 & 10📃
All over and over ◀️ ⏮again

📣Let the weak say🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️ “I AM STRONG”
Yet the wicked 😱🤡👻👽👿prevail doing wrong 🚫

🤺Vengeance belongs to our ☝️G-D
But sure wish 😈EVIL was 🥊struck with a rod!🏑🏒

Anonymous 💙