🎆THANK YOU🤗 4 Your Service🎆🎇 4th of JULY🇺🇸



We make it a point to thank 🤝soldiers 👨‍✈️
for service🚢🚁🇺🇸
It’s only 👍right, OUR freedom🇺🇸 + they deserve it ❤

Do we thank ☝️G-D for sending us
His 1 and only💞 beloved 🕺Son❔
When ⬆️G-D did it for LOVE 💙
To help us overcome 💪

I can never say 🗣that I 🚫won’t SIN
Since I can’t say📣 it, I won’t now begin…
🤣Funny how some people💁‍♂️💁‍♀️ say
“Promise🤚 G-D you won’t get in His way”

How⁉️ can I do that while still being me👱‍♀️
G-D☝️ knows all of my sins –
It’s HE who knows all good👍 & bad👎 things

Kind of like “the yellow brick road”🛤
A jacker♠️♥️♦️ phrase about ⬆️G-D’s “streets of 🛣gold”
“Make a list📝🖊 and check it 🔎twice”
ONLY G-D knows whose “😋naughty or nice”🤗

I sin, but I strive for 🤛righteousness and truth 🤚
G-D☝️ wants the same for us, especially when in our youth 👫

WE aren’t🚫 a movement like “NEVER📰💻 AGAIN”
WE know Christ Jesus because He is our 🤝🙏friend…

Thank you🛐 for your sacrifice, ☝️G-D, Christ Jesus and Holy💫 Spirit!

In you is all truth🤚 and people👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 will hear👂📣 it!


Anonymous 💙