NOT🚫 Alone🕴

Lord I 🛐came before your throne ⛅💫👼
Because I felt so all alone 🕴

Imprisoned 😢in this place🌎
In 🌑darkness seeking🔦 your face💥

But you 👂heard me 🙏and now do shine🕯💡
So 💫sublimely, you’re so kind 💞

Undeserving as am I 👱‍♀️
🛐Humbled… now I sigh😧

Haters😬🤥😠 hate and do 🤳🤝conveyne
For me there’s ☝️YOU w/Christ 💪in-between

This battle💣exhausted all my might😩
Your 🔋🔌📡power now is in their 🔭sight

May those🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️ who see 👱‍♀️me, see your light💥
To your 📖word, we 🙏 hold on tight 🤛

Let them👥have 👂ears & 👀eyes to 👓see🤓
Nothing 🚵‍♀️impossible for me, WITH 💫THEE🏆🎖

All ⚡power and glory💥 belongs to you
With your 🙇‍♂️son, who holds all 🗝truth🤚

Anonymous 💙

“[G-D] raised⬆️ [Christ] from the ⚰dead and seated him at His right hand in the ⛅💫heavenly places… . He put all things under his feet👣 and gave him as head 👨‍⚖over all things to the ⛪🕍church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills🍵all in all.”

– Ephesians 1:20–23




✋I will hold fast to your promises
🤚I will hold fast to you, my king👑
🤚I will hold fast to your promises
Because YOU🤗 mean so much to me

🛐I’m truly sorry for ever 🤔doubting you
🛐I’m sorry I ever blamed YOU for anything 🙆‍♀️
Until I read it 📖 for myself, I didn’t realize all YOU☝️ do is help 🤝💞

It’s the enemy 😈who persecutes, he belittles 🤡and destroys 😱
All you have ever done ☝️G-D is create us👩‍👧‍👧 to enjoy 😊

And even when we don’t deserve your kindness💞 and continued mercy
You 🤺🛡protect all of us… not just those who live near New Jersey🗽

Seems to me you, G-D☝️ got the raw end of the deal 📝💼
We humans 🙍‍♂️🙍‍♀️ judge👨‍⚖, destroy👷‍♂️, speak blasphemies🙎‍♀️, and kill 🔫

Although unworthy🛐 I hope to stand 🙌for YOU☝️ someday
I hope the last⚰ breath🌬 I take gives YOU☝️ glory 💥💫in some way 🙌

Until then I pray🙏 you know that some of us still believe 💞
Yes we fail 😔at almost everything… But, we will try to endure💪 and achieve 🥊🏆🎖

Anonymous 💙

👉”GO… And sin NO 🚫 MORE”

➡️ IF HATERS WANT TO ⚖ JUDGE, LET THEM… Let that SIN fall upon them.

Our job is to 🙌 believe & 💞 love… IF 1 should fall, get right back up⬆️ again. G-d bless!💖

This morning I was in deep thought 🤔
About my G-d with whom at times, I fought.🥊

By fought, I mean it took time to truly concede 🛐
To truly give myself to ⬆️G-D, against evil😈 and worldly 🌏 things.

Lucky to believe Christ Jesus is Messiah –
Christ Jesus came to 🌍 earth to 👈guide us – He’s no pariah 🐟

In my 20’s I tended to make things up 🗣
A foster kid 🏃‍♀️ who didn’t know better; Ruthless and unloved. 💔

My childhood💃 was too difficult to explain.
Around normal people, I felt embarrassed and ashamed. 😔

⁉️I wondered… when Jesus HEALED THE SICK💆‍♂️
Did people STOP 🚫 SINNING?
DID what Jesus said 📣 STICK?⁉️

📣 “GO… and SIN NO MORE” – was not something Jesus misplead📃
Nor should it become anything that us believers dread. 😓

☝️G-d knew man would continue to sin.
This is why He sent us Jesus for redemption⛪, nothing grim😲

☝️G-d wants us to at least TRY our best🙏
TRY to turn from sin and instead, turn to Him⬆️

Despite my 📖 ✡ 🙏 beliefs, I continue to sin,
I wish I could be like Christ,
💛 Love everyone in 👀 sight, like ⬆️Him.

I 👱‍♀️ myself have so many downfalls, ⤵️
🚫Not letting it hold me back from G-D’s professed call. 📯

To me 🔊 “GO, AND SIN NO MORE” means= try and try again, 🙄💪
IF at first we don’t succeed 🏁 🛣
Get back up with Christ, ➡️Repent and win! 🏆🥇



Anonymous 💙




Our Father – G-d, He loves us 💞
BUT since creation we betray 💔 His trust

For all the sin that we have done 😔
For all the wrong we could not overcome

G-D sent His only son down to this 🌎 earth
Us reborn through holy spirit 💫

A 🐑blameless sacrifice our Father gave
An unblemished lamb for those ashamed 🙁😕😟

Uneven the exchange🤝 I’m unworthy😔
The blood that His son shed, my faith now sturdy.🤛

For if you did see 👀, you’d know it was me

“I AM” the 1…. Who was 🗣 spoken of
By JOHN (the Baptist), a prophet of G-d☝️

⬆️ He told us the truth, so that we might believe
Soon we will see, what could never be perceived😦😈

He told us the ✋truth, to save our souls
From eternal 🔥 damnation, for G-D IS IN CONTROL 👊

Jesus came to show us love 💞
The 💫 holy spirit comes from up above

The HOLY SPIRIT💨💫 is a part of CHRIST, to give us courage 💪 and great might

Get on your 🙏knees and thank your Creator
Salvation is a 🎁GIFT, it’s NOT a favor

Anonymous 💙



A Call-Out📣

DEAR EVIL/satan😈, this is a call-out 🔊about you, in ☝️JESUS’ NAME, I REBUKE!👊

The below passage is about him, ➡️😈 rather “IT,” the man of sin. ⬇️⬇️


Before I came to know 🙏Christ as my savior, I listened to music 🎵🎧🎤 called RAP. 😎 ⛓

So, why not write, “a call-out,” about an entity 🕵️‍♀️ that 😱 speaks lies and ENTRAPS.

Years ago, I inadvertently followed this guy ➡️😈

Just another statistic 📊📈 tricked into 🌫⛼darkness, basically tied🤠

I find it funny people depict this guy😈 as being “scary,”👻💀

Jesus Christ now has my back – 🙌 believers WE DON’T TARRY👊

WE believers fear a living ⬆️ G-D, He’s called ALPHA & OMEGA 💪

☝️G-D is the 1 & only deity that’s ultra superhero 😋 HE is “MEGA.”

Face the facts 👨‍🏫… satan has 0 ZERO powers📵🌩

This is why IT ➡️😈 likes to mimic G-D’s strong tower 🕋🕌

Guess what ⁉️ 💁‍♂️🙎‍♀️people rebuking in Jesus’ name have caught on 🤔

WE DON’T FEAR the enemy, 💀👽👿 –  Try again through google👩‍💻 or amazon

📖 Joshua 1:9, says G-d commands courage 💪 have no fear,🤺

😈satan, his demon minions 👿👹👺🤖👾 even A.I. are sooo “yester-year.”🗓

🥊Stay strong, be encouraged my beautiful 👮‍♀️👷‍♂️👨‍🔬👨‍🚒👨‍✈️👨‍🎨brethren🤝

Know that I 🙏 pray for us all, ☝️Christ is our safe-haven 💒

Stand tall! REBUKE IN JESUS NAME with 💡🕯power & authority 🤛🙌

THE DEMONS they MUST flee💨 – The Great I AM, HE is the KING👑

Always give “mad props” to G-d☝️, give Him GLORY🙌

WE are characters in His book📖 HE ⬆️ WROTE ✍ THE STORY!

Anonymous 💙






Do you believe in ⬆️ G-d above,
The one who shed His only son, for love?
He created 👱‍♀️ me…
And everything. 🌎

He gave His life and rose in 3,📅
That’s how you and I have been set free?👫
From sin…
We can now begin (again).

You say you serve to chant 🗣 your spells 🤷‍♀️
But they don’t work – and, you’re afraid of hell,😈🔥
Then listen…👂

I’m lucky ⬆️ ADONAI created me
I’m lucky His son rose again in 3
I’m lucky, I’m lucky, I’m lucky –
Lord, I’m so lucky 🛐

I’m lucky the 😈 enemy must flee 💨
I’m lucky I trust in G-D, you see
I’m lucky, I’m lucky, I’m lucky –
Lord, I’m so lucky🛐

Will you give MY ☝️ G-D 1 try, 1 chance 🎰
To change your life, while you still can?🤔
Don’t be fooled,🃏
Be renewed.

The Holy Spirit 💫 resides in us,
A piece of Jesus… Hope, Trust & Love💙
Not just for me, not just for you,
But for all who believe, ☝️He is the truth💪💙

We’re lucky ADONAI is here with US👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
We’re lucky G-d’s Son binds us through trust 🤚
We’re lucky, we’re lucky, were lucky –
Lord… WE ARE so lucky! 🙌👍🛐

Anonymous 💙

Matthew 21:21
“Truly I tell you,” Jesus replied, “if you have faith and do not doubt, not only will you do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ it will happen.

Mark 9:23
“If You can?” echoed Jesus. “All things are possible to him who believes!”

Mark 11:22
“Have faith in God,” Jesus said to them.

Dear G-D…

Please don’t let me ⚰slip away,
Don’t let me leave this place- without you in my 💙heart.

For I know my 🛌sleep will be short-lived,
My eyes, they will 👀open again.
Then, what ⁉️ will I see?

There’s got to be another 🏞place,
Not another dimension – those are lies from the enemy.

When I ⚰ die, my eyes will open to 1 of 2 things:
Living 🏞waters, or a place of 🌋torment.

Torment was created for him😈 NOT me,
We all have free will, that I know and plainly see.

People lack Faith Jesus, but I believe.
People that have passed, they don’t come back, that means 🤔something.

Us ✡Jews don’t believe in displaying anyone’s body – Other’s do.
Displaying an open⚰ casket of a deceased, calling it awake.
Hoping for closure, but what was their 💨⛅🔥 fate?

Can’t help notice👀 visibly, these people’s souls have been taken… it saddens me, are they in ✌peace?

What is a 💫soul you ask?
It’s what fills our bodies with life, similar to a 🚖 battery.

All I know is the souls I’ve seen freed from this 🌏world,
Have not tried to return, proving to me there’s another life or 🏞place we don’t see.

I don’t want a 🏰mansion, all I want is to 👂hear 🗣”My child, you may enter. I know you.”


JOHN 14:2, “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”

Anonymous 💙



“This is the day that the Lord has made. I will 🙌👏rejoice and be glad in it.”

How many times have we heard👂 this said?
Meaningful 🗣words, ⬆️ His spiritual 🍞bread.

🙏Grateful to G-d through Jesus Christ,
Our Savior, our Lord, our manna and 💥light.


Everyday📅 we are blessed, but we get stuck at times,
In the 🎒🛍hustle and bustle this 🌎world provides.

Take a ⌚minute to say a quick 🛐 THANK YOU-
To 💫⬆️ G-d, our creator,
Our source of 📖 truth.

💫⬆️ G-D is our 🏛fortress, our 🏕shelter from any 🌧🌩storm,
⬆️ He will hide us in times of trouble… HE will 🍗🍪feed us and keep us warm.


Happy 🦃 turkey day to my ⬆️💫G-D,
The one who lives past the ⛅skies- above,
Leviticus 📖 says the G-D of Abraham likes 🍢 barbecue,
So, La Chaim’ my King👑 and here’s to YOU!🥂

*Traditional, TOFURKEY or store-bought food…. its all delicious, it’s all good!

LOL – ⬇️

Happy Thanksgiving & G-d be with you!


3 Days of Darkness & Leviathan

So much is ✒written about the end-times,
📖Scripture is both fascinating and sublime.


Hard to focus🤓- force myself to sit down;
Read scripture without making a 🤐frown.

But once I start getting into ⬆️G-d’s word,
I 💭💨 drift off into a place I’ve never 👀seen nor 👂heard.

Such beautiful🌅 stories I find within the 📖bible,
Some of them uncommon, others to be 🙄rivaled.

Last🌃night I was 👩‍💻searching about 3 days of 🌆darkness,
Somehow I ended up reading scripture on 🦂🦐leviathan.

A fabled 👹creature is what I thought,
Now after 📙reading more about it,
It makes more 🤔sense than not.

The 3 days of 🌆darkness is similar to the story of 🙎‍♂️Jonah.
In the belly of a large 🐋fish, a 🐳whale is what we know of.

Turns out the story is comparative to a 🦂🦐leviathan.
A sinister sea monster with snake-like skin.

In both male and female 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️they come.
⬆️G-d took the 🙆‍♀️female out of the equation so now, there is 🚫none.

The prophets of old ✒wrote that in the🔥🌫end-times there would be great 🙃🤑😲😭😖 delusion;
Funny, we live in a time where there’s massive 🤕⁉️confusion.

At times it looks like we’re heading straight toward 🆘️🚀🚢💣WW3,
Obviously, no one wants this, therefore, I 🙏pray that G-d hears me.

Just as the bible says, the 💓💔hearts of man have waxed 🌁❄cold,
Nobody cares about abortions,
Much less the 👴👵old.

A 🤡co-worker of mine referred to her god as a 🤷‍♀️girl, she was persistent ~
Well, my G-D is a 💪MAN- the great “I AM.”
HE created the entire ❇🌏🌐🗺universe, and HE’s always 💫💥🕓existed.

I don’t deserve for ⬆️G-d to hear my many 🙇‍♀️pleas,
Yet I honestly see the many 🌬☄miracles He does for me.

I hope that those lost, find YOU⬆️;
Because the 💙love you offer is pure, and true.

I really don’t have anyone on this 🌎earth,
We all go out as we came in…
Alone – similar to 🤰birth.

Where will we 🛌⏳wake up this 2nd ⏰time?
Because this time, waking up,
It’s for ⛅eternal life.


Anonymous 💙



I live in the San Fernando Valley part of 🌴California;
Democrats🇱🇷 love this place and 🇲🇽🇳🇫🇱🇧🇯🇵🇧🇲🇲🇷🇲🇳 migrants get to know ya.

🎥 Media keeps calling this place “paradise,”🏝
It’s actually a place most people😠despise.


A lot has occurred in the last few 🗓days,
Hellish 🔥fires continue to make their 🚄way…

Many coroners including people of consort,
Have said people “combusted” according to some reports.⬇️

Over beautiful 🏰 homes that surround the 🤑🖼💲rich,
Because the impoverished live in a ditch.

This may sound harsh but it’s the honest 🤚truth,
We live in a State that 📺corrupts our 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️youth.


Here 🙍‍♂️male or 🙍‍♀️female doesn’t exist,
Political correctness🤡👿😨 is what rules and fits.👯‍♂️🤹‍♂️🃏

We embrace the 🏳️‍🌈gay, the 👕👖👗💄trans, and the 🤐😫😖confused-
Until people 🗡murder with a 🔫gun that’s used.

Then all of a sudden you must be a 🇱🇷🚁Vet,
Inconvenient 🤕mental problems which weren’t noticed yet. ⬇️

I heard a 👵woman on the 📰news who said,
Stop sending me stupid 🙏prayers, my son is ⚰dead.

I get what she meant, but it’s NOT ⬆️ G-d’s fault,
Her son chose to hang at a bar his last day about.

I’m a 👩‍👧mom also, and my grown daughter 🍷drinks,
If she dies at a 🍺 bar, I’d blame her, NOT my 👑 King.

In CALI, political correctness is beyond 📊over-rated,
Multiple abominations easily become 🤒contagious.

Doesn’t surprise me to see Lost Angeles in flames,
Don’t kid yourself into thinking it’s G-d’s judgment⚖ that 💘aims.

The 😈enemy knows that his ⏰time is running out,
In fact, this is what 🕵️‍♀️evil’s trickery is all about.

This is one of the reasons why Jesus 🔊said,
Always be ready and waiting – be 💡🤔smart instead.

The term: “No one knows the day or the hour,” doesn’t only apply to prophetic things;
It means no one knows when their LAST 🗣BREATH WILL BE.

Don’t be offended, I say this out of 💛love;
I myself came back to G-d after a few gentle 🥊shoves.

Seek🔦🔎 Jesus Christ while you still can,
Even the 😈enemy himself always has a 📔plan.


Anonymous 💙