💙MY LAST BLOG✍💻⌨🖱Letting Go👐

➡️Watch “Jesus A Christ appears in a tree, seen by 500+ in Colombia prompting locals 2 break covid19 lockdown” on YouTube

🔎Came across a few YouTube💻 videos📹
That profoundly touched my heart💙
I immediately started crying😢 and completely fell apart🛐

I’m sure it’s 🚫not a secret🙊
I truly hate😠 this world🌏
🌎 ⬅️It’s torn me💔 into pieces
My life was twisted 🙅🏼‍♀️& twirled

💻📲Watch “Rapture Dreams” on YouTube

Similarly to the above girl⤴️
I also felt a void🌑
🗑Orphaned as a baby👶🏼
Grew up🏃🏼‍♀️lost & annoyed🤦🏼‍♀️

All of that has changed
My life🏡 Christ💙 rearranged
All I thought I needed 💵💳🏰🚘
💙 CHRIST ALONE has surely heeded🤗

There’s ⚠️urgency in the air 🌬
☝🏼God’s spirit 💫 does not fool🃏
Must adhere🙏🏼 to what ☝🏼GOD says
☝🏼GOD does not 🚫 direct👉misrule

It seems…
Almost ALL Countries🌐 have merged
Yes, it’s kind of a shock😨
➡️ This information📰 is crazy
Wish I had “One World🌎” sunblock🏖

Whatever time⏰ I have left
I wish to spend with Christ💫🛐
I’ve done what I can to prove
That Jesus💞 was sacrificed💒

My friends🤝🏼 it’s been my pleasure 😚
But it’s time to say goodbye👋
I’ve wasted🚮a lot of time⌛on earth🌍
NOW…. I wonder🤔 why🤷🏼‍♀️

🌳 Life is about CHRIST⬆️💙

Stay safe and be blessed💖
Hineh Ma Tov🍷🎉


💙Rabbi Tikvah Dolch


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