🎅Naughty & 👼Nice jacks 📖Book of Life🌳

A fat 🎅 and jolly🤣 guy
A joker🃏 in disguise🕵️‍♂️

A Naughty & Nice list📃✒
But is it really his➡️🎅⁉️🤷🏿‍♂️

I’m 🕎Jewish, I don’t know⁉️
To me it’s all a show📺🎬

A Book📖 of Life🌳 there is
☝️GOD ✒wrote it, it is His

🕴👥Top secret solely to us
So why make all the 🗣fuss?

Did santa🎅 jack ☝️God’s 🗒notes?
Or steal 🙊names from random 🐏goats?

Many questions❔❓ I have asked
So far I think I’ve passed✏

For my ☝️Creator knows
Whose in🚪⛅👼or who will go🔥⤵️

Will this guy🎅make the cut?
Or will he just give up🤔

I’m happy😊 as a Jew🕎
Somehow I feel less used🗑

Cuz I don’t need a reason
To celebrate🎉 any season⛱🌈❄⛈

It’s not about Christ’s birth👶
Or when he came to earth🌏

It’s all about His death ⚰
Are we HIS☝️at our last breath🌬⁉️

All we need is Christ 🤗
Through Him⬆️ we have new life🏡

Anonymous 💙