The 📖 “WORD”

A while ago⏮
I blogged 📲💻about
Whom I serve 🛐
Without🚫⁉️ doubt

☝️GOD the Father,
And, His Son
The 💫Holy Spirit…
3 in 1💞

“Back ⬅️and forth➡️
Goes your thread 🤳
From God to Christ,”
A comment 🖋read 👓

Did I know💡
Which 🤔was right?
The commenter🗣stated
Earlier that 🌃🌒night

The book of 📖JOHN
Chapter 1 explains 👨‍🏫
The 3 💞are one
1 and the same💝

In the🌳 beginning was “the Word”📯📖
“The Word” 📯📖became human 🚶‍♂️
Had you not heard?👂

The Word📯📖 has always been there,
From the very beginning🌳
He came to earth 🌍
To burden👷‍♂️ our sinning😈🤡

Anonymous 💙💞