💙MY LAST BLOG✍💻⌨🖱Letting Go👐

➡️Watch “Jesus A Christ appears in a tree, seen by 500+ in Colombia prompting locals 2 break covid19 lockdown” on YouTube

🔎Came across a few YouTube💻 videos📹
That profoundly touched my heart💙
I immediately started crying😢 and completely fell apart🛐

I’m sure it’s 🚫not a secret🙊
I truly hate😠 this world🌏
🌎 ⬅️It’s torn me💔 into pieces
My life was twisted 🙅🏼‍♀️& twirled

💻📲Watch “Rapture Dreams” on YouTube

Similarly to the above girl⤴️
I also felt a void🌑
🗑Orphaned as a baby👶🏼
Grew up🏃🏼‍♀️lost & annoyed🤦🏼‍♀️

All of that has changed
My life🏡 Christ💙 rearranged
All I thought I needed 💵💳🏰🚘
💙 CHRIST ALONE has surely heeded🤗

There’s ⚠️urgency in the air 🌬
☝🏼God’s spirit 💫 does not fool🃏
Must adhere🙏🏼 to what ☝🏼GOD says
☝🏼GOD does not 🚫 direct👉misrule

It seems…
Almost ALL Countries🌐 have merged
Yes, it’s kind of a shock😨
➡️ This information📰 is crazy
Wish I had “One World🌎” sunblock🏖

Whatever time⏰ I have left
I wish to spend with Christ💫🛐
I’ve done what I can to prove
That Jesus💞 was sacrificed💒

My friends🤝🏼 it’s been my pleasure 😚
But it’s time to say goodbye👋
I’ve wasted🚮a lot of time⌛on earth🌍
NOW…. I wonder🤔 why🤷🏼‍♀️

🌳 Life is about CHRIST⬆️💙

Stay safe and be blessed💖
Hineh Ma Tov🍷🎉


💙Rabbi Tikvah Dolch


🛐Prayer for Believers🙏🏻🙌🏿💞 ‹ Anonymous Lover of Jesus Christ ‹ Reader — WordPress.com


👉322💀/ 420☠ Countdown⌛


3/2020 (March 2020) = 322 SKULL & BONES💀 Fake Gematria✡, evil 6 point system📡

4/2020 (April 2020) = 420 SKULL & CROSS-BONES☠ Fake Gematria✡, evil 6 point system📡

👨‍🚀👩‍🚀 On 3 – 2 – 2
🙏🏻Believers started to rise👼⛅
3 – 2 – 2 ⏰
💀☠Plans📔 for a mass sacrifice⚰

📆⌚4 – 2 – 0
Cut lives of believing heros💞🙌🏿🙏
🕰 4 – 2 – 0
A sign☣ they’ll usher in their “Nero”👹

Oh their numbers #🔢🅾️
How they😈 lie🗣
💲Secret societies🏛
Will be “left behind”🌆🗑🔥

As our Jesus🙏
Holds the door🚪⛅💫
Demonic faces👾🤖💀☠😱🤡👿
Will hit🔨the floor🛣🚧

Here’s a number🔟🔢
Rhyme🎤 for evil😈
We 🤜rebuke in Jesus
ALL of your upheaval🙅🏼‍♀️

👼1 – 2 – 3
JESUS 💫 died for me💞
ALL the saved🤗🛐
HE will set free💖💫

3 – 2 – 1⛅🌩
☝🏼GOD’s will be done
Here on 🌏earth
Through ☝🏼His beautiful 💞Son

For ☝🏼GOD our Father🛐
Doesn’t author✒ confusion
It’s this thing ➡️😈
Which brings forth delusion🤕💊💉🍹🚬

😢Please accept🛐 Christ
into your life🤗💖
Before it’s too late⚰
And you believe the “LIE”😈👽

Despite what you think🤔
It takes one blink😌
And POOF🎉 it’s REALLY over⚰

⚠️➡️WE may have 2 – 4 weeks to get it together🙏 OR risk your soul💫 to go through some hellish🔥☄ weather😈

IF I am 🚫wrong may I go to hell🔥
Because I want you all ⛅💫 eternally well🙏


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15 Ways The World Will End By 2020

ℹAsteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System – Wikipedia

3 Days of Darkness & Leviathan

So much is ✒written about the end-times,
📖Scripture is both fascinating and sublime.


Hard to focus🤓- force myself to sit down;
Read scripture without making a 🤐frown.

But once I start getting into ⬆️G-d’s word,
I 💭💨 drift off into a place I’ve never 👀seen nor 👂heard.

Such beautiful🌅 stories I find within the 📖bible,
Some of them uncommon, others to be 🙄rivaled.

Last🌃night I was 👩‍💻searching about 3 days of 🌆darkness,
Somehow I ended up reading scripture on 🦂🦐leviathan.

A fabled 👹creature is what I thought,
Now after 📙reading more about it,
It makes more 🤔sense than not.

The 3 days of 🌆darkness is similar to the story of 🙎‍♂️Jonah.
In the belly of a large 🐋fish, a 🐳whale is what we know of.

Turns out the story is comparative to a 🦂🦐leviathan.
A sinister sea monster with snake-like skin.

In both male and female 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️they come.
⬆️G-d took the 🙆‍♀️female out of the equation so now, there is 🚫none.

The prophets of old ✒wrote that in the🔥🌫end-times there would be great 🙃🤑😲😭😖 delusion;
Funny, we live in a time where there’s massive 🤕⁉️confusion.

At times it looks like we’re heading straight toward 🆘️🚀🚢💣WW3,
Obviously, no one wants this, therefore, I 🙏pray that G-d hears me.

Just as the bible says, the 💓💔hearts of man have waxed 🌁❄cold,
Nobody cares about abortions,
Much less the 👴👵old.

A 🤡co-worker of mine referred to her god as a 🤷‍♀️girl, she was persistent ~
Well, my G-D is a 💪MAN- the great “I AM.”
HE created the entire ❇🌏🌐🗺universe, and HE’s always 💫💥🕓existed.

I don’t deserve for ⬆️G-d to hear my many 🙇‍♀️pleas,
Yet I honestly see the many 🌬☄miracles He does for me.

I hope that those lost, find YOU⬆️;
Because the 💙love you offer is pure, and true.

I really don’t have anyone on this 🌎earth,
We all go out as we came in…
Alone – similar to 🤰birth.

Where will we 🛌⏳wake up this 2nd ⏰time?
Because this time, waking up,
It’s for ⛅eternal life.


Anonymous 💙