The 📖 “WORD”

A while ago⏮
I blogged 📲💻about
Whom I serve 🛐
Without🚫⁉️ doubt

☝️GOD the Father,
And, His Son
The 💫Holy Spirit…
3 in 1💞

“Back ⬅️and forth➡️
Goes your thread 🤳
From God to Christ,”
A comment 🖋read 👓

Did I know💡
Which 🤔was right?
The commenter🗣stated
Earlier that 🌃🌒night

The book of 📖JOHN
Chapter 1 explains 👨‍🏫
The 3 💞are one
1 and the same💝

In the🌳 beginning was “the Word”📯📖
“The Word” 📯📖became human 🚶‍♂️
Had you not heard?👂

The Word📯📖 has always been there,
From the very beginning🌳
He came to earth 🌍
To burden👷‍♂️ our sinning😈🤡

Anonymous 💙💞


Cannibalistic👶 Halloween🎃

🙈🙉🙊Cannibalism🍽🤘🤙👌 it’s everywhere
Who would’ve 💡thought, who would’ve dared 🎯

THIS is what I mean, humans 🙆‍♂️🙅‍♀️🙎‍♀️ are quite in a snare❗❕
🤷‍♀️How can anyone even bother to do their own hair 💇‍♀️❔❗

It’s a pivotal 😈👽👨‍🚀moment we live in🏡, THIS time ⌚
🚫Nothing is 🛐sacred, Nothing is “sublime”💫

🤔There will be a ❗reason for Christ leaving certain🕵️‍♀️👥🕵️‍♂️people “behind”
Be it death⚰, rapture🌩 or simply for being unkind 😠

Regardless of 🏰🚘💱prosperity, health😷 or 💵💰wealth, STOP🛑 with the eating🍽 & drinking 🍷your DAMN 🔥👱‍♀️SELVES!!



👰🤵Wedding Reception🍷🍾🎉💒


🛐Lord GOD, this is it… we are truly in the end ⌛
Surrounded by corruption 👥🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️and lots of sin 😈
It seems that YOU☝️ have been our only friend 🤝
Your ⚡powerful name is what will help us win🏆

On that 📆day, YOU will be all that we need
When trumpets🎺📯 sound off 💣and everyone takes heed 🏥🏨⛪🕍

A demon👹 came to visit with me late last night ⛼🌉
I told it I BELONG TO ☝️YOU, so I put up a fight 🥊
I wasn’t afraid 💪🤜because I KNOW that I’M YOURS 💞
Looks like the 😈enemy is taking 🌏earth tours🚎🚞

Things had been 🤷‍♀️⁉️strange between you and I
BUT today YOU 💛restored me –
🙏Hope is now within my sight👀

I’ve missed you🙁😢 dear God
You’ve been my best friend 💕
From 👶adoption, to abuse👊
You never lit up🔥 a fuse

🙌Believers are ALL going through something 😫😟bad in life 🏘
I, like so many, have taken the name “your wife”👰

That 🤵👰⛪🕍💒wedding we’ve read about is drawing nigh📆
WE continue to keep⌚watch,
🛐WE lift your name on High!⛅💫

Thank you for 😷healing my 💖heart,
Which has been ☝️YOURS from the very start🏁🛣

Whether by 🕊RAPTURE⛅ or by DEATH⚰… it’s only ☝️YOU to my last breath🌬

Anonymous 💙


A Call-Out📣

DEAR EVIL/satan😈, this is a call-out 🔊about you, in ☝️JESUS’ NAME, I REBUKE!👊

The below passage is about him, ➡️😈 rather “IT,” the man of sin. ⬇️⬇️


Before I came to know 🙏Christ as my savior, I listened to music 🎵🎧🎤 called RAP. 😎 ⛓

So, why not write, “a call-out,” about an entity 🕵️‍♀️ that 😱 speaks lies and ENTRAPS.

Years ago, I inadvertently followed this guy ➡️😈

Just another statistic 📊📈 tricked into 🌫⛼darkness, basically tied🤠

I find it funny people depict this guy😈 as being “scary,”👻💀

Jesus Christ now has my back – 🙌 believers WE DON’T TARRY👊

WE believers fear a living ⬆️ G-D, He’s called ALPHA & OMEGA 💪

☝️G-D is the 1 & only deity that’s ultra superhero 😋 HE is “MEGA.”

Face the facts 👨‍🏫… satan has 0 ZERO powers📵🌩

This is why IT ➡️😈 likes to mimic G-D’s strong tower 🕋🕌

Guess what ⁉️ 💁‍♂️🙎‍♀️people rebuking in Jesus’ name have caught on 🤔

WE DON’T FEAR the enemy, 💀👽👿 –  Try again through google👩‍💻 or amazon

📖 Joshua 1:9, says G-d commands courage 💪 have no fear,🤺

😈satan, his demon minions 👿👹👺🤖👾 even A.I. are sooo “yester-year.”🗓

🥊Stay strong, be encouraged my beautiful 👮‍♀️👷‍♂️👨‍🔬👨‍🚒👨‍✈️👨‍🎨brethren🤝

Know that I 🙏 pray for us all, ☝️Christ is our safe-haven 💒

Stand tall! REBUKE IN JESUS NAME with 💡🕯power & authority 🤛🙌

THE DEMONS they MUST flee💨 – The Great I AM, HE is the KING👑

Always give “mad props” to G-d☝️, give Him GLORY🙌

WE are characters in His book📖 HE ⬆️ WROTE ✍ THE STORY!

Anonymous 💙




Baruch atah ADONAI,
Eloheinu meleck ha’olam,
Sheheckiyanu vi’kiymanu,
Vi’higiyanu lazman haz’eh.

Blessed are YOU, Lord our G-d,
Ruler of the Universe,
Who has sustained us,
And enabled us to reach this moment in time.🙏

TO 😈
😈 You had it all once with ADONAI 💫 MY Creator,
But instead chose to be G-d’s traitor.🔪


His 👑 kingdom come,
⬆️ His will be done,
At the end of 2018;
Will 2019 be promising? 🤐

😲🤑🙃Society is falling apart,
A world 🌎 in chaos, with no hope or 💔 heart.

⛼🌆🌃 Darkness increases throughout all lands,
No one cares 🤷‍♀️ nor lends a helping hand.🤝


🌊 Noah lived in a similar time,
A prophetic calling 🔊 from G-D… devine.💫

Build an ark, fill it with 2,🐑🐑
Noah complied, to 🙌 ADONAI he remained true.

No one believed ⚠️warnings from heaven,⛅
Sin continued on, with no discretion.☣📺

Jesus, the Son of Man came to be,
When 🌫darkness was rampant, people were set free.🤗

I will keep this short 📝and let you decide,🤔
Will you run OR will you hide?😎

Our world 🌏 now surrounded by witches 👿 and pagans, ☠💀
Few of us using our authority 📖🍷🍪🏺against satan.😈

They have their 🗣spells & potion mixes,
WE HAVE G-D’s 📖🕯word, anointed oils, courage fixes.🍳

Ultimate darkness being ushered in,
I’m NOT afraid👊🥊G-D says we win.🏆🎖

Always remember the below commandments,⬇️
Be assertive, stand firm💪 against propagandists.🎬📰🗞

For He has brought us to such a time⌛ as this,
We are the bold ones, the last generation that is ⬆️ His.

All this talk 🗣about a coming “MARK,”🔬💉

The 📖 word of G-d is very clear,
He knew us before we existed – did you not hear?👂

Don’t let people, friends or family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 bring you down,
Rebuke in Jesus’ name when the 😈enemy acts like a clown.🤡

Be encouraged – I know you can,😏


😫 Madness spreading- things about to get cray-Z,
Pick a side, or it’ll be picked for you IF you remain lazy.🛌🛋

G-d said 📯 they win the battle, WE WIN the War!🥁
We rise again to settle the score.🤾‍♂️🤼‍♀️

IN THE END⚰, no 🚫 friends or family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 at all,
There’s only ⬆️ G-D, taking roll call.🗒✒

🚕🛣 WE go out, as we came in,🚪
Our only hope is ⬆️ Him.

Anonymous 💙

⛅❄Seasons for REASONS⛈🌝


I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ what you believe-
📰We’re living in times of great 💨❓⁉️mystery.

All that was 🕋hidden is coming to 💡 light,
The 🌝brightness of Jesus is in our sight🤓

While 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🏃‍♀️people are out 💵💲💳 spending and 🛍💍shopping,
Others are 📖reading 🎧 and 🙏🛐heeding… NOT hopping 🐇

Rabbinical Jewish✡ scrolls 📃 do teach –
All about our Lord, true Messiah and 👑King.


Jesus was 🚫NOT born on 🎄December 25-
Why don’t people know, since prophets heard 👂⬆️His cry?

He was born around 1st of Nisan, 6 BC,
Passover🔯 🍪🍷season, coincidentally?

Jesus was born at a specific ⏰appointed time,
Did you know 🐑LAMBS are born at a 🌬⛅ season, pre-defined?

Just like a 👨‍🌾sheppard tending 🐑🐑sheep flock,
Has the 🌏world forgotten the foretold 🚗antiknock?

📆 Messiah’s birth date brings much 🗣chatter,
The ⚰ sacrificed lamb🐑at the cross 💒 is what matters🙏🙌.

It Is Written ✒ It Is Written ✒
It Is Written ✒ ⤵️

All of your 👬🙅‍♂️🙆‍♀️👿👽👥🚭 sins, and 😔shame are 🛐 forgiven.

📰FYI: Homeland Security is sounding 📣alarms, ⤵️
🙏Prayers to G-d for your safety in ⬆️His 💪arms.


Not just 📅 today, but for 💫 forever,
Be wise🤔 in all things, and always remain clever.

IF you want to give 🎁 gifts, then give because you’re 😊 HAPPY,
May you be blessed and share good times with 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

I’m not knocking 🎄Christmas, I’m unrelating it to ⬆️ G-D,
He does not require a 🎃🎉🤹‍♀️ holiday, just your 🙏🙌DEVOTION AND LOVE💙

ECCLESIASTES 3:1, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

Anonymous 💙



🕎Hanukkah, Tradition & Prophecy

Everyday ✡Jews are very dismissive,
The significance of 🕎🔯Hanukkah,
Which scripture describes as 🌋apocalyptic.


Put down your 📲cell phones- take a good look 🤓around,
The 🌫spirits of 👥Ammon & Amalek have been floating abound.

No question Jesus Christ is true 🙌Messiah.
He overcame sin and ⚰death, as ✒📃written by the prophet ISAIAH.

Christ Jesus was ✡Jewish culturally, and followed 🕍Judaism religiously.

People think Jesus had an issue with 📃Torah-
It’s more like he was opposed to items 💰💵 sold at 🕍temple by “Korah.”

Jesus was never fond of the 💂‍♂️Sanhedrin;
Sadducees and pharisees – they didn’t like him.
They lied and tried to make up their own 📝doctrine.

Jesus encouraged 🔯Jews to follow 📃 Torah.
Most importantly, to 💙 love one-another, and even light the 🕎 menorah.

There were no ⛪”Christians” in Jesus’ day-
So why are 🙏 believers called by this name?

⁉️What’s the reason for this poem – what’s pointed out?
Christians and Jews should know what 🕯🕎Hanukkah is truly about.


📖 Daniel, Amos, and John 10:22,
Clearly layout what will happen to all believers & 🔯Jews.

Another 🌋holocaust for all – this time, Part 2.
It will be hard to 👀see – so, what are we to do?

This time not freed, more like 💀extinct.
The G-d we serve is😈 evil’s enemy, yet he’s the 🗝⛓ link.

We’ve gone through this 💨before, don’t tarry, don’t 🏳give in.
The ⬆️ G-d of Abraham has said that in the end, we will 🥇🏆win.

If our ⬆️ G-d and His son is with us, then who can be 🚫against us?

People lack 🥊hootzpah, but they want 💸blessings,
Without 🙏repentance or kindness, would one deserve such things?

⬆️ G-D ensured our separation from 😈 evil,
Because HE IS HOLY; Fallen⤵️ 😇angels bring 😭 upheaval.

⬆️G-D added a divider, after 😈Lucifer’s fall,
Attempting to protect 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 us, one and all.

What’s wrong with our 🌏world, our entire society?
People have 🤕lost their minds, and are filled with 😖anxiety.

Speaking👱‍♀️ for myself I tell you and say,
I myself had to ⬇️ fall, to feel 🛐remorse in anyway.

That was then before my 👀eyes were opened,
What was I serving? Because I know my ❤💫soul felt 💔broken.

You see us ✡Jews, we’ve been through some 💩 shit,
Since exiting 👳‍♂️Egypt, to one-another we stick.
[*⬆️NOTE: please excuse the language]

🔯Torah foretells there will come a ⌛ time,
🌆Darkness will overflow 👿evil 🖤hearts, souls and 😠minds.

That 🌫spirit flows now, it spreads in the air,
Waiting to overtake 🗡⛏us, it’s so obvious and quite clear.

Pure 😡hatred comes out from these things that serve 👹evil,
Our 💡light displays ⬆️ G-d’s 💙 love, and 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️they are deceitful.

I can feel the ☠ hate, running through their veins,
They won’t admit it 🗣 openly… the fact is, they have no 🚫 shame.

Too early for them to show that dark 👻spirit,
That doesn’t mean they don’t want us to feel, or 👂 hear it.

To them I 🤣 laugh straight in their face,
I have no 💪fear- our ⬆️ G-D is ready and in place.

When that ⌚time comes Christ Jesus will give me 🏋️‍♀️ strength,
To fight these demons, no matter their 🦂🦐🦈length!

Just as 🏋️‍♂️Sampson and King 🤴David did,
We will 🥊fight and defeat the 🤺 enemy. Then, we will be ⛺hid…

Afterwards, G-d will instruct His son, Jesus,
To come back to 🌍earth and 🥊fight for us -because WE are ⬆️His.

Ironic🤔 to see that NOW the 🔯Sanhredrin, [the ones who killed Jesus…]
Wish to team together ALL Jews and ALL Christians.

images (2)

📣”I tell you the truth, but you do not believe.” Words🗣 people have 👂heard, but could not 🤔conceive.

This last 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦generation no matter how ⁉️dumb,
Has inconceivably 💻 de-coded prophetic 😖madness described as 🌆glum.

Just as in the 🍎🌳beginning- so shall the 🌋🌊🌠 end be,
What was once 🕵️‍♀️ hidden, shall again be 👀seen.

🕎Hanukkah is a prophetic messianic time,
When both, the Christian and Jew will UNITE🤝.

We are now living in those times,
In order to 👓 see it,
📺Watch the 📰news, uncover your minds.

📖 Read the story of 👧ESTHER (Esther_and_the_Moon.html),

✡Read story about the MACABEES,

You’ll find out more about 🕎Hanukkah,
Despite Adam Sandler’s 🎤🎼song, 🕎✡Hanukkah isn’t related to 🌱chronica, or a 🎵harmonica.

🕎 “Hanukkah Sameach!”

Anonymous 💙




⁉️❗❔❓ Strange Day

Today has been a very ⁉️strange day,
What’s in the ⛈air – I’m not usually in this much emotional 😖disarray?

To some, I have lived an amazing 🏖 life.
Although most has been bad – – Hey I 💪survived.

Wake up, 🛁shower, get 👗👠dressed – go to 🗄💼work,
Proceed to be 👉mistreated by a 👴gray haired suited jerk.

After 9 hours of 🚫no 🥗food because there’s no ⌚time for an actual lunch hour,
Get 🏠home, have to 🍝cook for people who in seconds will 🍽devour …
What took me 30-40 minutes to 💡think of and prepare,
Then guess what? I get to wash all 🍴🥄🔪pots, pans and dishware.


If I’m lucky, I’ll get to see 1 movie 🎞before calling it a 🌃night,
Read a few 📖scriptures by G-d, before turning out the 🛌bedroom light.

I guess I’m 🙏blessed – is what I meant,
Every 2 weeks 📅 I save 95% 💸 toward rent.

At one time, not long ago, I used to be 🏕homeless,
Struggling, avoiding 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️thugs, praying to G-d- I don’t regress.

These are some things⬆️ G-d did for me,
He provides because I believe.

I’m thinking🤔 don’t tarry, Christ must be at hand,
The enemy is 😈 lurking, but G-D HAS A 📖 PLAN!

So whatever⁉️ this is, that I’m 👱‍♀️ going through,
It too shall 💨 pass, ⬆️ His 🤚promises I know well and good.




Wisdom & An 👵Elder’s Vision


Even as a poor foster 🏃‍♀️child I was taught to 🤝respect,
Older 👴👵people called “elders,” whom we should not neglect.

⏳Time flies by – we increase in age, limits are given, 📊limits projected.
One day that 👵”old lady” MAY be me,
Ignored, dismissed, neglected.

I always thought I’d die 📅early,
Quickly reminded I’m 🚫NOT in charge of me.

So who is in charge of me? His name is ⬆️💫G-d,
He created both you and me, with so much ❤💓💕love.

Just like a 👨‍👧parent, He raised me to do things 👍right,
I messed up a lot😞 and even left his side.

But He waited for me patiently,
Finally, from 💨spiritual 🕶blindness I was cured, now I 👓👀see.

Was this an envisioned miracle or 💥💭prophecy?
He took away all the 🤕hurt I held deep inside of me.

I feel renewed, an entirely new 👱‍♀️person,
I try not to look back, because the 💊💉pain just isn’t worth it.

Embrace the holy spirit, Christ’s 🎁gift to me,
You can have it also, have 🙏Faith and believe.

And just like me, your life will change,
But, problems and ⚖trials won’t go away.

A sense of 💸worth will fill your 💖heart,
You’ll feel 💪🏋️‍♂️empowered and 👊fearless- it’s a good start.

Your goal will be to 💥shine His 💡light,
From your physical person – it’s worth the 🥊fight.

The 😈enemy will flee because he must,
G-d holds the 🗝key, from 🌇dawn to dusk.

The 📖 bible says wisdom is taught,
By those who have lived, and have already fought…

🚢🚀🛳Battles we are faced with, which they have already 🏆won,
So that our troubles are rapidly dealt with and 🛣gone.

I read an 📰article about a 90-year old 👵woman,
A 💨👀vision of prophecy – people instead thought 🤕delusion.

Her envisioned prophecy was in 📅1968,
50 years ago… a 🗣conversation debate.

The problem is, her 🙅‍♀️🙆‍♂️visions have all come to pass…
There are only 2-3 left to be 👺unmasked.

I googled 👩‍💻when can these things be 📺seen,
Turns out 1 of 3 last major things was in 2017.

This is just how close the ☠⚰end can be,
The word of ⬆️💫G-d should be 🙇‍♀️embraced by you & me.

I’ll post the article below, ⬇️
For you to 📔read and 💻⌨🔎de-code on your own, I’m sure you’ll see!





3 Days of Darkness & Leviathan

So much is ✒written about the end-times,
📖Scripture is both fascinating and sublime.


Hard to focus🤓- force myself to sit down;
Read scripture without making a 🤐frown.

But once I start getting into ⬆️G-d’s word,
I 💭💨 drift off into a place I’ve never 👀seen nor 👂heard.

Such beautiful🌅 stories I find within the 📖bible,
Some of them uncommon, others to be 🙄rivaled.

Last🌃night I was 👩‍💻searching about 3 days of 🌆darkness,
Somehow I ended up reading scripture on 🦂🦐leviathan.

A fabled 👹creature is what I thought,
Now after 📙reading more about it,
It makes more 🤔sense than not.

The 3 days of 🌆darkness is similar to the story of 🙎‍♂️Jonah.
In the belly of a large 🐋fish, a 🐳whale is what we know of.

Turns out the story is comparative to a 🦂🦐leviathan.
A sinister sea monster with snake-like skin.

In both male and female 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️they come.
⬆️G-d took the 🙆‍♀️female out of the equation so now, there is 🚫none.

The prophets of old ✒wrote that in the🔥🌫end-times there would be great 🙃🤑😲😭😖 delusion;
Funny, we live in a time where there’s massive 🤕⁉️confusion.

At times it looks like we’re heading straight toward 🆘️🚀🚢💣WW3,
Obviously, no one wants this, therefore, I 🙏pray that G-d hears me.

Just as the bible says, the 💓💔hearts of man have waxed 🌁❄cold,
Nobody cares about abortions,
Much less the 👴👵old.

A 🤡co-worker of mine referred to her god as a 🤷‍♀️girl, she was persistent ~
Well, my G-D is a 💪MAN- the great “I AM.”
HE created the entire ❇🌏🌐🗺universe, and HE’s always 💫💥🕓existed.

I don’t deserve for ⬆️G-d to hear my many 🙇‍♀️pleas,
Yet I honestly see the many 🌬☄miracles He does for me.

I hope that those lost, find YOU⬆️;
Because the 💙love you offer is pure, and true.

I really don’t have anyone on this 🌎earth,
We all go out as we came in…
Alone – similar to 🤰birth.

Where will we 🛌⏳wake up this 2nd ⏰time?
Because this time, waking up,
It’s for ⛅eternal life.


Anonymous 💙