A half-century⏳ sure sounds👂 long

That much time⏰ can make any 1 strong 💪🏋️‍♀️

Time⌚ to see 5 decades📅📆 pass 🛫

Even when 🤔thinking one can’t last🏃‍♀️

➡️💥My👱‍♀️ odd wish🕯to lay 🛌 and die⚰

No rhyme 🎧🎤 nor reason to ride🎢🎡 or try 🏄‍♀️🌊

Life🌳 adventures 🏜🏞🏝all have their  end⚠️

It’s at that point 👩‍🏫 we know our true friends🤗🤝

In my case👨‍⚖ 💼⚖ it’s Jesus Christ my King👑

⬆️He has lead🛣🏞 me through everything🛐

This day📆🌇 won’t be what I expected🤷‍♀️

But I’m not🚫 Christ who resurrected⬆️⛅



“Greater love💛 hath no man 🕴than this, that a man🕴 lay down his life⚰ for his 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I 👉command you. Henceforth I call📲 you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord 🛐doeth: but I have called ☎️you friends; for all things that I have 👂heard of my ☝️Father I have made known unto you.” ➡️ 📖 JOHN 15:13-15, KJV



Thanksgiving🍗 Blessings🙏

Been a while 🕰since I’ve gotten a 😢requested🛐 blessing
I know that your son, ☝️Christ Jesus is always 💞INTERCESSING💥💙

Although this year 📅has been mentally🤕 depriving
Only through your continued 🤗grace do I have a chance for 🤺surviving

Not because it’s 🍗🍊Thanksgiving, nor because 🙆‍♀️I have to
Grateful🙏🛐 to praise YOU☝️always because I AM GLAD TO🙌🤚💞

Anonymous 💙


🎉Happy 25 CT!!🎂


Happy Birthday🎉 my CT🚴‍♂️
25… 🎂 crazy for me!!

And although you’re gone🚣‍♂️💔 from me
In my 💞heart you’ll always be🏡

It’s been 10 years 📆since all those tears 😢😭
Yet the truth🤚 still isn’t clear🤓

I forgive 🛐THEM for their lies🗣
THEY tried to break our 👩‍👦bond which ties💝

I pray🙏 that ☝️God watch⌚ your whole life ⛅
Which at times cuts like a knife🗡

Did what I thought to be “right” 👩‍🏫👨‍⚖
You chose the safe🛣 path in my sight👀

One day ☝️God will clear the air💨
Loving💖 memories we forebear🤗

Know that I 🙏pray for you always
So much in fact, it would amaze🙆‍♂️

Love💞 you… XoXoXo!!💋





So much 🗑wasted⌛ time Lord G-D☝️
When you’re the one I love 💙💞
You’re beyond 🤗enough… enough

Cuz you’ve made my🏡 life brand new
From the old👵 me who was a fool 🃏🎪
💙I love you, 💙I love you-🤚it’s true, true

🛐I adore you, I do
And I will always adore you 🙏

😢 I implore you, I do
Bring my troubles😟😭 all to you

I will speak 🗣of you
📯📣 I will speak of you

The ☝️G-D of everything 🌍
There’s new life⛅ in Him so, sing👨‍🎤👩‍🎤

Let ☝️Him bring ⛅new life to you
It’s G-D who holds the truth👊🗝
☝️G-D’s truth🤚can be found within YOU💞

This former orphan 💃now has a Father🛐  …..   Just the same, G-D☝️ can give you fresh living water🌊

🎩Happy 💫👑Father’s day, G-D🛐

My heart 😚❤and soul 💫 are forever YOURS🤗

Anonymous 💙

Is 🍕🥞FOOD 🍗🌮 All We’ve 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Got⁉️

Had an ex👤 who’d always say, 🗣”food🍝 is all we’ve got.”
It used to upset me😠, he sounded👂 like a crackpot 😨

He never made time⌚for us💔, but 4 food🍲, THAT was a different story 📚
☝️He wasn’t much into ☝️G-D, his friends🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️ and food were his type of glory

One day I finally asked, 🤷‍♀️what’s the deal with you👤 and food 🍔🍟⁉️
🗣”FOOD🌮 IS ALL WE GOT” he replied
What’s life… 💼🗄🗃WORK, pay 💸BILLS…
But 🍉food, is a savory😛sustenance we can’t🚫 hide🙈

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦People enjoy food 🍿 in good👰🤵 & bad ⚰times with friends 👮‍♀️👷‍♂️
We plan📅 life events around 🏯restaurants and trends 📰

Food🍞 comforts and it sustains 👨‍⚕️
It never🚫 judges👨‍⚖⚖; and food 🍨never complains 😬

Although food 🍬🍫☕usually always sounds📣 really great🎉
It’s ☝️G-D who created 🍪manna, and food🍤 isn’t the password💻 into ⛅heaven’s gate

Anonymous 💙


Answered Prayers🙌



🙏G-D, I asked you to make a way🛣
📅Today you’ve answered my prayer petition 🛐
Lord, you’ve brightened up my day 💥

Through good times 🎉and in bad⚰
☝️YOU never🚫 fail me 👱‍♀️
Even when times become especially sad

Noting that sin 😈 can impede prayer petition
I actually took a minute⌚ to stop🛑🚦 and instead listen👂

💙Thank you for forgiveness
💙Thank you for unconditional love💞
💙Thank you for reprimanding 👉 me
☝️YOU rectified my path🏞 to you with a loving shove 👏

This 1 minute⏱ poem📃 I know, isn’t enough 😔
But it comes from my 💙heart with great and profound love 🤗

I love you, because YOU☝️ are true
True to those who follow and profess🗣 YOU

This sinner ➡️👱‍♀️ loves you with all of her heart💖
Thank you for changing my life from it’s pathetic original start 🏁

Psalm 66:19, “But truly G-d has listened; He has attended to the voice of my prayer.” 🙏🙏🛐🛐

⛅Eternally grateful to my faithful G-d🤗

Anonymous 💙


🙏Pray Over FOOD🍝

I pray 🙏I pray over food 🍇🌽my Lord
I pray I pray over food

I pray 🙏over my food 🍝my Lord
I pray oh yes I do

I pray over all food 🍒🥑
I pray over all food 🍉🥕
G-D, 🙏 I pray with you ☝️

⁉️Why do I pray over food 🍕my Lord
I pray 🙏because I must
For it’s you☝️ my Lord who gives me food🍪
It’s you☝️ whom I do trust🤚

I pray 🙏over our food🌮
I pray 🙏over our food 🥞
G-D, I pray with you ☝️

We live in times where some must find a scrap or 2 of food 🍿🍟🍔
In G-D☝️ we trust to help those 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦who are good, but have 🚫no 🍜 food

We pray 🙏for food🍗
We pray🙏 for food 🌭
G-D, we pray with you ☝️

We live in times GMO’s 💉💊we find in manna🍐🍒 G-D ☝️provides
We pray our ☝️G-D blesses the food🍓🍊 that we come across and find

We pray 🙏over our food🍍
We pray 🙏over our food 🍑
To our ☝️G-D, who is true

Oh, Yes we do… Lord
G-D WE pray with you 🛐


Anonymous 💙

The 🎁Gift of Daughters🏃‍♀️💃👩‍👧

🙏 Our Father, who art in Heaven⛅
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy 👑 Kingdom come⬇️
Thy will 🛐 be done
On 🌎 earth as it is in Heaven💫

Give us this day 📅 our daily bread🍞
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those 😠😡😵who trespass against us
And lead us NOT into temptation🍎
But deliver us from evil 😈
For thou is the Kingdom 🕍👑
The power 🌩 and the Glory 💥
💫Forever and Ever…. Amen🙌


Today 📅 I am grateful to you my dear Father 🛐
For 30 years ago you blessed me 💖
With a most beautiful daughter 👧

My beautiful Father
My beautiful King 👑
Your Glory, your Power🌩and
Omnipotent Majesty 💫

Thank you for life 🌬
For all that you gift 🎁
🚫 NOT in material 💸🛍
But in life that you give.

My G-D, My King 👑
My everything 👱‍♀️💞


In times of trouble 😟😢or adversity
Never quit, don’t give up 💪
☝️G-d is always with thee👧

Jesus never promised us rose 🥀gardens
He promised 🤺persecution
We are protected 👨‍✈️by Him☝️
He 🚫won’t allow intrusion🚪

When we accepted ⬆️Christ Jesus
We died ⚰to ourselves
Knowing these words, YOU👧will be well.🙄 HAPPY 30th!!🎉🎂

Anonymous 💙


Happy 2019

[For the U.S. ⬆️]

What is going on Lord?
What is in the air? 💨
A floating ⛼darkness coming,
People stop and stare 🙍‍♂️🙍‍♀️

The 🌎 earth is getting colder, 🌬❄
People shedding tears, 😢
Now it’s only hope G-d,
That gets us through the fear 😲😫

Please don’t leave us, Father 🛐
📯📣 Tell us what to do.
⁉️How can we be better?
To stop feeling so blue? 😔

⚖Trials, tribulations continue on the land
None of that will change us
In Jesus Christ we’ll stand 🙌

⚖Trials, tribulations will continue on…
⬆️G-d’s WORD📖 – Revelation…
Marching we fight 🥊 on!

We have been commanded
To honor 🛐 G-D with love 💙
Place His throne before you,
Over everything above ⬆️

You instruct us Father
To love 💙 all that you’ve made
Especially our brethren 👫
That’s what I have prayed 🙏

Even if we’re afraid Lord,
Some of us will stand 👊
We wait upon you Jesus-
⌛Time’s almost at hand.

[For the U.S. ⬆️]

🎊Have a Happy & Safe New Year! 🎉

Anonymous 💙