This Place🌎


🛐Lord, take us from this place🌃
It’s corrupt🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️ and it’s disgraced🙆‍♀️

Take us from this earth🌏
It’s decrepped💀⚰ and absurd

Apparent👀 in ALL that is seen 👓
There’s nothing new🛍 and nothing “green”🌲🌳🌴

What was up⬆️has now come down⬇️
And it has turned this 🌎world around

Looking forward to exiting🚪
No rent🏠💲- No sorrow😭 – No in-between🤷‍♀️

Regardless of what life WAS🏕/ what life IS🌇🌃
ALL which HE☝️created remains “His”




🙈Hide Your Holy 💫FACE💥

🕵️‍♂️Hide your 🙈face from among us👨‍👩‍👧‍👦☝️GOD💫
And cast us🗑 into hell🔥
It’s just as YOU☝️yourself have said,
📯📣NONE🚫 OF US ARE GOOD👼… 🚫NONE of us are “WELL” 👨‍⚕️🤕
[Romans 3:10-11]

👐Created to acknowledge 🛐YOU
Instead, WE 💏serve ourselves🤳👨‍💻💄🛍🎒
What can I say🙆‍♀️ Lord God,
Place us on 📚book shelves🛋

Our world🌎 has somehow lost 😨control 🤷‍♂️
Someone’s 👤head about to ⚽️roll🎳
Until then we need ☝️YOU friend🛐
So 🙏please don’t let us go


🔝Roller Coaster 🎢

One day🌄 up⬆️
The next 📅day down⬇️
That’s how our lives🙆‍♂️ are
The 😈enemy messes around

BUT, 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦we 🚫don’t 😨fear –
We look to ☝️you,
Your holy💫💞 spirit
It 💥shines right through 💖

We are the light💥🕯
The light🔦💡 in the world🌎
A 👼spiritual 🎁gift that
Brings ☠😱EVIL to hurl😫

So look👀 up⬆️ guys,
🙌Proudly 🙄show your face,
With ⬆️Christ on OUR🙋‍♀️ side
It’s EVIL 😈whom is disgraced🤡😂🤣




Some have a 🎁gift of prophetic visions 👀
Some have the 🎁gift of prophetic dreams 💭
As for myself, I get a gut-like instinct💁‍♀️
For things that perhaps💬❕❓ might come to be ⁉️

Nothing special about me 👱‍♀️… I’m a sinner, you see
What I felt 💔 tonight – I feel ☝️G-D has asked from me

📺Watching the news📰 earlier tonight
So many have died⚰, families 🙅‍♂️🙎‍♀️🙆‍♂️are uptight

🤔Contemplating – in deep thought
☝️G-D said 📯 “my child I think you forgot”
Don’t be 😕 saddened by what you’ve 👓seen
ALL 👩‍👧🚶‍♀️🤰👷‍♂️👮‍♀️that are mine, are coming home🏡 to me ⛅

All that was ✒📖written has come to fruition
What was ✒📖foretold will surely be seen👀
Please ask my 👫children to return back↩ to me ⬆️

😈EVIL continues on with delinquency 🗡🔫

There is good 🎼🎵frequency, just like there’s bad😈📳
🎚👿💀😱Synchronising demons will be so glad

Time is short⏳so please 👂hear me from above⬆️
🗣Tell them🚶‍♂️👳‍♂️👨‍🏭👩‍🌾👨‍🎨👨‍🚒👨‍🚀👩‍⚖ my contract 📖📃only requires belief and LOVE 💞💝

I scold you 👉 out of love 💙 with respect and tact
Time to pick a side 🔁, wake up 🛌 and react!

Anonymous 💙

🙅‍♀️🙆‍♂️Stress & Morbidity🙁


Yesterday morning I felt so morbid 🙃
Was almost in despair 😦
By nightfall 🌃I felt happy 😊
💻🗄🗃 Work work work…
🎉YAY, I was no longer there!

Spending time with ☝️G-D on last night’s special Shabbat 🕎
The last night of 🍷🍪Passover … due to life drama, I almost forgot 🙃

Please forgive me 🛐 Father for my self-cursed luck 🎲🎲🃏
What can I say G-d, as a person (at times) I really suck 😔

This life – oh Lord,
Is so stressful at times 🤐
🙃🤑🔱Madness and chaos reign
And 🚫 nothing is sublime 💫

But, YOU☝️ are always with me
Especially when I’m down
🙏 THANK YOU for all you do
Always… you turn things around ↩⤴️

All glory be to YOU Father G-D💫
Now and forever
Your words are the TRUTH🤚👊
I don’t plan to leave you EVER!

For if I did, I’d surely die ⚰
You’re the only 1 whose with me when I cry😭

Anonymous 💙


Intuitive Trepidation😲



TREPIDATION you worthless clown🤡
Difference is, you’re a joker who wears satan’s😈 frown😡

I rebuke you,👉 you ugly thing
We all know you will bow 🛐to the G-d of Abraham, CREATOR & KING👑

🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🕺💃Children of G-d are who WE are
You have no 🚫🔌🔋power, JESUS IS OUR STRONG TOWER💪

DON’T FORGET WE WIN🥇🏆 in the end
Feel sorry for you satan, you have no🚫 friends 🙆‍♂️🙎‍♂️

You cannot bully that which ☝️G-d has created
CHRIST overcame you, just as G-d’s word 📖 indicated

CHRIST ROSE AGAIN, after He died
I’m sure that made you want to cry 😭

But you aren’t🚫🕵️‍♀️ human,
You’re just a THING👹
It’s really you whose afraid 😟of my G-d, my KING☝️👑

Good luck to you– you’re home is INSIDE A PIT🔥🔥
Us believers 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦won’t go there, because we don’t quit 💪👊

🙏Blessed be the Lord G-d almighty 💪
Unlike you, He☝️ isn’t 🚫 sheisty


Anonymous 💙





🙏Father G-d above,
My creator, the trinity 💞I believe in and love

☝️You are our Father – You are Jesus Christ
You are the Holy Spirit which dwells in us inside 💙

You are our light 💡
It shines 💥from within us, oh so bright

🙏G-d, just as you are light🕯
Darkness roams our earth🌎- it’s in plain sight👀

I rebuke 👉THAT dark spirit as IT isn’t YOU
I have no fear 💪from that thing, I fear YOU🛐

It’s YOU☝️who created me
It’s YOU☝️ who created all, even creepy crawly things 🕷🐞🐜🐌

That thing➡️😈 likes to bother me when I’m deep asleep 🛌
But even then, it’s YOU who 🤺protects me

And if it’s your name that 📣 aloud I cannot speak,
Powerful⚡ the name JESUS,                     That thing 🙌must flee at its’ bothersome peak📈🕰

I will always fall short, while on 🌎earth I’ll always sin😔
But my faith, trust and hope💖 is always on your side, G-D will always win🏆🥇

➡️😈 So many people believing it’s lies 🗣
Now it hopes to target 🎯believers – It tries, “IT” tries

➡️😈IT belongs in its’ PIT🔥
And that day will soon come,
⚖JUDGMENT from the skies above⛅
Above us, only love💙
➡️ ☝️G-D = (equals)= LOVE💞



LiFE & 🚣‍♂️Noah’s Time⌚


🤔 I thought I knew the meaning of it all;
But, everyday we 👩‍🏫 learn -every other day we 🕺fall

That’s what life is – a series of ⬆️ups and downs⬇️
A daily teaching to help us ✋stop looking like 🤡clowns

So why did G-d take people out, during 🚣‍♂️Noah’s time⁉️
People became truly defiled, darkness spread and so did crime👮‍♂️👨‍✈️

Animal sacrifices 🐐🦌could no longer cleanse ….
Sin🗡 😈 so great, it no longer required
G-d’s use of a lens 🔭

What was 💫 G-D to do with all 🌏creation…
He caused Noah’s flood 🌊due to people’s 🤘👭👿👬🖖🕵️‍♀️👹💩 many abominations?

For ☝️G-D to live within us and mark us w/His name ✒
We needed to be cleansed 🛁- to eliminate all shame😕

Christ was killed for saying He was the Son of G-d;
📣WE are children of the most high G-D-
💁‍♂️Let people strike us with a rod🏑

😎See, ⬆️G-D has always existed;
Along with Jesus Christ and the💨Holy Spirit

Our Father G-D is 🛐💫HOLY
He said, “no one with 😈 sin will come to know me”

😈👿Yet, sin continues on… as it has throughout the 📅years
Similar to Noah’s time, sin causes G-d sadness and tears 😢

There will come a time 🕰☝️G-d’s mercy and grace will cease… ✋
Until then take a look 👀 around the 👤darkness among us does increase

We are told 🔊 these things ahead of time⏳
To separate things that matter…. Things truly☝️ devine🙏 💫

IF IT WASN’T FOR CHRIST, there’d be NO 🚫 paradise🏞

We would have all been damned to hell 🔥 for sin including lies🗣

Only 10 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 from each generation will be allowed to see G-d in the hereafter ⛅⬇️

Isn’t that WILD… Does this matter??? 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️


The above is a little fact 📈 from Judaism teaching 📃 I thought 🤔 should be mentioned –

BUT, in the end, what we should be hoping for is our ascension ⬆️⛅ 🤗

Anonymous 💙


Baruch atah ADONAI,
Eloheinu meleck ha’olam,
Sheheckiyanu vi’kiymanu,
Vi’higiyanu lazman haz’eh.

Blessed are YOU, Lord our G-d,
Ruler of the Universe,
Who has sustained us,
And enabled us to reach this moment in time.🙏

TO 😈
😈 You had it all once with ADONAI 💫 MY Creator,
But instead chose to be G-d’s traitor.🔪


His 👑 kingdom come,
⬆️ His will be done,
At the end of 2018;
Will 2019 be promising? 🤐

😲🤑🙃Society is falling apart,
A world 🌎 in chaos, with no hope or 💔 heart.

⛼🌆🌃 Darkness increases throughout all lands,
No one cares 🤷‍♀️ nor lends a helping hand.🤝


🌊 Noah lived in a similar time,
A prophetic calling 🔊 from G-D… devine.💫

Build an ark, fill it with 2,🐑🐑
Noah complied, to 🙌 ADONAI he remained true.

No one believed ⚠️warnings from heaven,⛅
Sin continued on, with no discretion.☣📺

Jesus, the Son of Man came to be,
When 🌫darkness was rampant, people were set free.🤗

I will keep this short 📝and let you decide,🤔
Will you run OR will you hide?😎

Our world 🌏 now surrounded by witches 👿 and pagans, ☠💀
Few of us using our authority 📖🍷🍪🏺against satan.😈

They have their 🗣spells & potion mixes,
WE HAVE G-D’s 📖🕯word, anointed oils, courage fixes.🍳

Ultimate darkness being ushered in,
I’m NOT afraid👊🥊G-D says we win.🏆🎖

Always remember the below commandments,⬇️
Be assertive, stand firm💪 against propagandists.🎬📰🗞

For He has brought us to such a time⌛ as this,
We are the bold ones, the last generation that is ⬆️ His.

All this talk 🗣about a coming “MARK,”🔬💉

The 📖 word of G-d is very clear,
He knew us before we existed – did you not hear?👂

Don’t let people, friends or family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 bring you down,
Rebuke in Jesus’ name when the 😈enemy acts like a clown.🤡

Be encouraged – I know you can,😏


😫 Madness spreading- things about to get cray-Z,
Pick a side, or it’ll be picked for you IF you remain lazy.🛌🛋

G-d said 📯 they win the battle, WE WIN the War!🥁
We rise again to settle the score.🤾‍♂️🤼‍♀️

IN THE END⚰, no 🚫 friends or family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 at all,
There’s only ⬆️ G-D, taking roll call.🗒✒

🚕🛣 WE go out, as we came in,🚪
Our only hope is ⬆️ Him.

Anonymous 💙

3 Days of Darkness & Leviathan

So much is ✒written about the end-times,
📖Scripture is both fascinating and sublime.


Hard to focus🤓- force myself to sit down;
Read scripture without making a 🤐frown.

But once I start getting into ⬆️G-d’s word,
I 💭💨 drift off into a place I’ve never 👀seen nor 👂heard.

Such beautiful🌅 stories I find within the 📖bible,
Some of them uncommon, others to be 🙄rivaled.

Last🌃night I was 👩‍💻searching about 3 days of 🌆darkness,
Somehow I ended up reading scripture on 🦂🦐leviathan.

A fabled 👹creature is what I thought,
Now after 📙reading more about it,
It makes more 🤔sense than not.

The 3 days of 🌆darkness is similar to the story of 🙎‍♂️Jonah.
In the belly of a large 🐋fish, a 🐳whale is what we know of.

Turns out the story is comparative to a 🦂🦐leviathan.
A sinister sea monster with snake-like skin.

In both male and female 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️they come.
⬆️G-d took the 🙆‍♀️female out of the equation so now, there is 🚫none.

The prophets of old ✒wrote that in the🔥🌫end-times there would be great 🙃🤑😲😭😖 delusion;
Funny, we live in a time where there’s massive 🤕⁉️confusion.

At times it looks like we’re heading straight toward 🆘️🚀🚢💣WW3,
Obviously, no one wants this, therefore, I 🙏pray that G-d hears me.

Just as the bible says, the 💓💔hearts of man have waxed 🌁❄cold,
Nobody cares about abortions,
Much less the 👴👵old.

A 🤡co-worker of mine referred to her god as a 🤷‍♀️girl, she was persistent ~
Well, my G-D is a 💪MAN- the great “I AM.”
HE created the entire ❇🌏🌐🗺universe, and HE’s always 💫💥🕓existed.

I don’t deserve for ⬆️G-d to hear my many 🙇‍♀️pleas,
Yet I honestly see the many 🌬☄miracles He does for me.

I hope that those lost, find YOU⬆️;
Because the 💙love you offer is pure, and true.

I really don’t have anyone on this 🌎earth,
We all go out as we came in…
Alone – similar to 🤰birth.

Where will we 🛌⏳wake up this 2nd ⏰time?
Because this time, waking up,
It’s for ⛅eternal life.


Anonymous 💙