👩‍🚒Feminism, it’s so absurd
✡Mazel Tov!  You’re a part of the herd!🐮🐂

We get to cook🍳
We get to clean🏡
We get to work🗄🗃👩‍💻
While topless at thirteen!🏃‍♀️


All straight 🤰👩‍💼👩‍🎓👩‍🔬👩‍🍳women that I know
Hate🚫 feminism💅 and it’s political “show”📺
Tired of working💼 for chump 💱change
With people👩‍⚖👩‍🏫 who live in complete 🤕mental derrange

🚫Haven’t been 🏠home-
I’m a feminist💪💄 you see,
Been working 3 jobs
To meet my 🛍👢👗feminine needs

🤔Wonder why my 🕺kid is F’d up
Husband👨‍🏭 left🚪… I asked “what’s up?”🤷‍♀️
[husband] ➡️ “Don’t be sad, I found someone.”
HE👷‍♂️ is 🚫anti-feminist💄my NEW loved💜 one.”


Anonymous 💙


💍Treasured MEMORIES😚


When I die⚰
Don’t lie awake🛌 and cry😭

When I die ⚰
🚫Don’t let my death⚰ eat🍝 up your life🏡

When I die⚰…
💭Remember the good🤗 times
As well as my bad 😒 🎧🗣rhymes… LOL🙆‍♀️

When I die⚰ ….
Hold dear💙 all of our time together👩‍👧
And turn our📸📹 memories into treasure💍

When I die⚰
Don’t 🤷‍♀️wonder or worry 😟
☝️Jesus or Grandpa will look👓 after me 👱‍♀️ in a hurry⛅

Just as ⬆️Christ went “to prepare a place 🏰 for us”…. so will I, therefore trust 🤗

Always keep your faith🛐🙏
👉Make sure that stays in it’s place💙

Anonymous 💙


The 🎁Gift of Daughters🏃‍♀️💃👩‍👧

🙏 Our Father, who art in Heaven⛅
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy 👑 Kingdom come⬇️
Thy will 🛐 be done
On 🌎 earth as it is in Heaven💫

Give us this day 📅 our daily bread🍞
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those 😠😡😵who trespass against us
And lead us NOT into temptation🍎
But deliver us from evil 😈
For thou is the Kingdom 🕍👑
The power 🌩 and the Glory 💥
💫Forever and Ever…. Amen🙌


Today 📅 I am grateful to you my dear Father 🛐
For 30 years ago you blessed me 💖
With a most beautiful daughter 👧

My beautiful Father
My beautiful King 👑
Your Glory, your Power🌩and
Omnipotent Majesty 💫

Thank you for life 🌬
For all that you gift 🎁
🚫 NOT in material 💸🛍
But in life that you give.

My G-D, My King 👑
My everything 👱‍♀️💞


In times of trouble 😟😢or adversity
Never quit, don’t give up 💪
☝️G-d is always with thee👧

Jesus never promised us rose 🥀gardens
He promised 🤺persecution
We are protected 👨‍✈️by Him☝️
He 🚫won’t allow intrusion🚪

When we accepted ⬆️Christ Jesus
We died ⚰to ourselves
Knowing these words, YOU👧will be well.🙄 HAPPY 30th!!🎉🎂

Anonymous 💙