Praying 4 Time⌛

On occasion I’ll sit back and reflect,
Over a song from the 🎶🖥80’s …
And a possible 🗝cryptic meaning kept.

Why it was written🖊 , I don’t know –
But it’s similar to the movie 🎬”The Truman Show.”

Perhaps worse, the show “Stranger Things,” -👿👽🤡all works of the 😈devil,
Placing innocent minds in great peril.

The song🎵 is called “Praying for Time.”
After you read the 📄words, you won’t care for a 💱dime.


Because the lyrics are 🙁sad,
As if finding out something really 😟bad.

Read the words for yourself,
And then, let me know what 📣stands out.

More interesting in 📰news,
a 😈serpent and a dove🕊 confused…

Both meet at the ✡temple mount,
prophetic in 🕎Jewish mystcism-
What’s that all about?

My dears, we are in ⌛end-times,
Evil😈 about to take it’s throne,
Guard your 💞hearts and 🤔minds.

From 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 cradle to ⚰grave,
Believe and trust in G-d,
Only in⬆️ Him are we saved.