🔝Roller Coaster 🎢

One day🌄 up⬆️
The next 📅day down⬇️
That’s how our lives🙆‍♂️ are
The 😈enemy messes around

BUT, 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦we 🚫don’t 😨fear –
We look to ☝️you,
Your holy💫💞 spirit
It 💥shines right through 💖

We are the light💥🕯
The light🔦💡 in the world🌎
A 👼spiritual 🎁gift that
Brings ☠😱EVIL to hurl😫

So look👀 up⬆️ guys,
🙌Proudly 🙄show your face,
With ⬆️Christ on OUR🙋‍♀️ side
It’s EVIL 😈whom is disgraced🤡😂🤣






🌄Everyday is a 🙏blessed gift 🎁
But sometimes it’s hard🤦‍♂️ to live

We hide 🕵️‍♂️what’s deep inside ,💔
So as to not lose our🤕 minds

Read 📖Psalms 9 & 10📃
All over and over ◀️ ⏮again

📣Let the weak say🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️ “I AM STRONG”
Yet the wicked 😱🤡👻👽👿prevail doing wrong 🚫

🤺Vengeance belongs to our ☝️G-D
But sure wish 😈EVIL was 🥊struck with a rod!🏑🏒

Anonymous 💙

🚘Finish Line🛣🏁


A beautiful girl👩‍🎤…She tells her story📔
A step toward ⚖👨‍⚖justice, to ☝️G-D be all glory💫💥

One is able to 🥊overcome⛅
Plead the blood of Christ; ask guidance🏞 from those you love 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

To her I say ☝️G-D thanks you🤗 for being “the face”😊
She will help many🤝 overcome disgrace😞

Victimization😔 an evil 😈not foreseen💭
💖Faith and 🙏belief has helped🤝 her overcome💪 tragedy

Anonymous 💙



✋I will hold fast to your promises
🤚I will hold fast to you, my king👑
🤚I will hold fast to your promises
Because YOU🤗 mean so much to me

🛐I’m truly sorry for ever 🤔doubting you
🛐I’m sorry I ever blamed YOU for anything 🙆‍♀️
Until I read it 📖 for myself, I didn’t realize all YOU☝️ do is help 🤝💞

It’s the enemy 😈who persecutes, he belittles 🤡and destroys 😱
All you have ever done ☝️G-D is create us👩‍👧‍👧 to enjoy 😊

And even when we don’t deserve your kindness💞 and continued mercy
You 🤺🛡protect all of us… not just those who live near New Jersey🗽

Seems to me you, G-D☝️ got the raw end of the deal 📝💼
We humans 🙍‍♂️🙍‍♀️ judge👨‍⚖, destroy👷‍♂️, speak blasphemies🙎‍♀️, and kill 🔫

Although unworthy🛐 I hope to stand 🙌for YOU☝️ someday
I hope the last⚰ breath🌬 I take gives YOU☝️ glory 💥💫in some way 🙌

Until then I pray🙏 you know that some of us still believe 💞
Yes we fail 😔at almost everything… But, we will try to endure💪 and achieve 🥊🏆🎖

Anonymous 💙