🚫Never Empty🗑

Do you ever feel empty🗑
It’s almost unreal🙆🏽‍♂️
If not for Faith 💖🙏🏻
😨Devastated we’d feel

Freely ☝️GOD gives 🎁
And freely💨 we live our lives 🏡
At times we fail to acknowledge
☝️God’s son’s sacrifice 📖🛐

Some of us have seen📺👀 miracles
Through trust our Father blesses
Therefore, we do not🚫 steal 🕵️‍♂️

No matter what the obstacles🕹🚗
You’re a piece🕯of God’s light💥
Above supposed “oracles”
He loves💙 with all ☝️His might💪

Anonymous 💙



🌾Life Cycles🚵‍♂️🚵🏿‍♀️

🌳Here today, gone⚰tomorrow⛅
Life cycles🌎🏡 show no sorrow😔

Gone, just like the 🌬wind …
When great 💭memories begin🛣🛤

🤷‍♀️Do Lord…. do you, ⬆️Lord⁉️
Do you remember me

🤷‍♀️Do Lord…. do you, ⬆️Lord⁉️
Do you remember me

From way beyond 🔃the blue…🌊
From way beyond⤴️ the blue ⛅☁️

🛐🙏🏽I take Jesus as my savior💞
➡️Do you take ⬆️Him too?

🛐🙏🏽I take Jesus as my savior💞
➡️Do you take ⬆️Him too?

From way beyond 🔃the blue…🌊
From way beyond⤴️ the blue ⛅☁️

👉Get to know ☝️Him NOW🙏🏼🙌
So that in turn🚪, ⬆️HE will know you⚰⛅

Anonymous 💙


🎅Naughty & 👼Nice jacks 📖Book of Life🌳

A fat 🎅 and jolly🤣 guy
A joker🃏 in disguise🕵️‍♂️

A Naughty & Nice list📃✒
But is it really his➡️🎅⁉️🤷🏿‍♂️

I’m 🕎Jewish, I don’t know⁉️
To me it’s all a show📺🎬

A Book📖 of Life🌳 there is
☝️GOD ✒wrote it, it is His

🕴👥Top secret solely to us
So why make all the 🗣fuss?

Did santa🎅 jack ☝️God’s 🗒notes?
Or steal 🙊names from random 🐏goats?

Many questions❔❓ I have asked
So far I think I’ve passed✏

For my ☝️Creator knows
Whose in🚪⛅👼or who will go🔥⤵️

Will this guy🎅make the cut?
Or will he just give up🤔

I’m happy😊 as a Jew🕎
Somehow I feel less used🗑

Cuz I don’t need a reason
To celebrate🎉 any season⛱🌈❄⛈

It’s not about Christ’s birth👶
Or when he came to earth🌏

It’s all about His death ⚰
Are we HIS☝️at our last breath🌬⁉️

All we need is Christ 🤗
Through Him⬆️ we have new life🏡

Anonymous 💙




A half-century⏳ sure sounds👂 long

That much time⏰ can make any 1 strong 💪🏋️‍♀️

Time⌚ to see 5 decades📅📆 pass 🛫

Even when 🤔thinking one can’t last🏃‍♀️

➡️💥My👱‍♀️ odd wish🕯to lay 🛌 and die⚰

No rhyme 🎧🎤 nor reason to ride🎢🎡 or try 🏄‍♀️🌊

Life🌳 adventures 🏜🏞🏝all have their  end⚠️

It’s at that point 👩‍🏫 we know our true friends🤗🤝

In my case👨‍⚖ 💼⚖ it’s Jesus Christ my King👑

⬆️He has lead🛣🏞 me through everything🛐

This day📆🌇 won’t be what I expected🤷‍♀️

But I’m not🚫 Christ who resurrected⬆️⛅



“Greater love💛 hath no man 🕴than this, that a man🕴 lay down his life⚰ for his 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I 👉command you. Henceforth I call📲 you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord 🛐doeth: but I have called ☎️you friends; for all things that I have 👂heard of my ☝️Father I have made known unto you.” ➡️ 📖 JOHN 15:13-15, KJV


🚪Portal to Heaven⛅👼



Through a 🚪portal- somehow
WE👨‍🍳👩🏼‍🏭👨🏿‍🎤👩🏽‍✈️👳🏽‍♂️ all came to be
I never met my🤰 portal
For she fled🚕 from me👶

🌳Life … it’s regrets🙁
Have surely filled my ☕cup
If not for 🛐Christ Jesus☝️-
I would have long given up🤦‍♀️

I’ve been F’d over 😭
I’ve done 😠🥊my share back
For a period of time⌚
That kept me on track🛣

I’m far from perfect 💯✔
So pay me no mind🤷🏿‍♂️
From 🤣🎉happiness I’m 😷allergic💊
My life🏚 hasn’t been kind

Only☝️GOD knows my purpose👣
Once again He☝️saved my life🚑🏨
Yesterday like a scirpus🌿
A near-death⚰accident🚗 I survived

Since my “arrival”👶🍼
It’s been ☝️GOD to sustain💸🍝 me
WE can do all things through ☝️Him
See👀 4 yourself- 🚫don’t blame me🤗

Anonymous 💙


🌳Life’s =Meaning👩‍🏫

🌹💐2 words 📃 came to mind in thought within💘me
🤗 By way of a gentle, soft, 🍦and sweet melody🎼🎵
The answer to life is 💞Love & Christ… 🛡🏹
More precious than 👑gold, 🔱silver or spice☕

Take a short journey🚣‍♀️and ride with me
What’s truly the point of this 🏡 life’s meaning🤷‍♀️⁉️
Why did ☝️God create both you & me❓
Mere 🤔thoughts keep my eyes👀 💥glistening💖

LOVE💕 is something that inside we FEEL💏
True🤚we 🚫can’t 👀see it, but it’s REAL💯
Love💑 is something we cannot 📦contain,
Nor can 🙆‍♂️LOVE be easily explained🗣

CHRIST is ☝️G-D’s beloved 👶Son,
He ✔accepted us …his sheep🐑, as ONE
Sent to 🌍earth- just to forgive🛐
It’s only through ⬆️CHRIST that we can 🏡LIVE

We are here, YES to survive🤺
But also, to love💙💖… both, you & I


🔝Roller Coaster 🎢

One day🌄 up⬆️
The next 📅day down⬇️
That’s how our lives🙆‍♂️ are
The 😈enemy messes around

BUT, 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦we 🚫don’t 😨fear –
We look to ☝️you,
Your holy💫💞 spirit
It 💥shines right through 💖

We are the light💥🕯
The light🔦💡 in the world🌎
A 👼spiritual 🎁gift that
Brings ☠😱EVIL to hurl😫

So look👀 up⬆️ guys,
🙌Proudly 🙄show your face,
With ⬆️Christ on OUR🙋‍♀️ side
It’s EVIL 😈whom is disgraced🤡😂🤣



💍Treasured MEMORIES😚


When I die⚰
Don’t lie awake🛌 and cry😭

When I die ⚰
🚫Don’t let my death⚰ eat🍝 up your life🏡

When I die⚰…
💭Remember the good🤗 times
As well as my bad 😒 🎧🗣rhymes… LOL🙆‍♀️

When I die⚰ ….
Hold dear💙 all of our time together👩‍👧
And turn our📸📹 memories into treasure💍

When I die⚰
Don’t 🤷‍♀️wonder or worry 😟
☝️Jesus or Grandpa will look👓 after me 👱‍♀️ in a hurry⛅

Just as ⬆️Christ went “to prepare a place 🏰 for us”…. so will I, therefore trust 🤗

Always keep your faith🛐🙏
👉Make sure that stays in it’s place💙

Anonymous 💙


🙅‍♀️🙆‍♂️Stress & Morbidity🙁


Yesterday morning I felt so morbid 🙃
Was almost in despair 😦
By nightfall 🌃I felt happy 😊
💻🗄🗃 Work work work…
🎉YAY, I was no longer there!

Spending time with ☝️G-D on last night’s special Shabbat 🕎
The last night of 🍷🍪Passover … due to life drama, I almost forgot 🙃

Please forgive me 🛐 Father for my self-cursed luck 🎲🎲🃏
What can I say G-d, as a person (at times) I really suck 😔

This life – oh Lord,
Is so stressful at times 🤐
🙃🤑🔱Madness and chaos reign
And 🚫 nothing is sublime 💫

But, YOU☝️ are always with me
Especially when I’m down
🙏 THANK YOU for all you do
Always… you turn things around ↩⤴️

All glory be to YOU Father G-D💫
Now and forever
Your words are the TRUTH🤚👊
I don’t plan to leave you EVER!

For if I did, I’d surely die ⚰
You’re the only 1 whose with me when I cry😭

Anonymous 💙





Amazing how us humans 👩‍🏫were formed
Dirt from the earth🏜 born into this 🌍world …. transformed 🙎‍♀️

In the image of 🕎Abraham’s ☝️G-D we were made👐
💪Resilient and tolerant our 🏃‍♂️bodies have behaved 👊

The Great I AM☝️
The deity whose trinity💞 includes the Son of Man

📯I AM The First and I AM The Last 🌩
Such greatness no 1 can encompass nor outcast

Can anyone doubt 🤔such marvels in our midst ❔❗
Somehow there are people who simply aren’t convinced 🤡👹👿👽

🙏Blessed to profess you as my King👑
Humbled🛐 by your presence which protects and surrounds all things 💫

Like those before me, I too fall short⬇️
But rest assured that among 😈 evil I will NOT🚫 consort

💨BREATH OF LIFE to me👱‍♀️ is what YOU☝️ gave 🎁
My last exhale 🗣will be for YOU G-D☝️, to my grave ⚰


Anonymous 💙