🏖Vacation Day⛵


🤷🏿‍♂️Has ☝️GOD had a vacation🏖⁉️
It seems He has 🚫no perks☕
The 🌏world – it’s devastation🙆‍♀️
The almighty knows our 😞quirks

Our sins and imperfections🕶😎
These things cause us great 😔shame
The “good🤗verses 😈evil” selection
Our infections😷💉 remain the same

Imagine 🙆🏽‍♂️the time⌚GOD☝️ has spent on us!!
LABOR lawyers👨‍⚖ would think God’s 💼case is a plus👍

☝️GOD receives 🚫No 💵pay – nor 🚫benefits
Yet He loves💛 us, even if hypocrites. 👿

Anonymous 💙