In Honor of Veteran’s Day

I salute all my fellow U.S. servicemen and women, including of course our 🇱🇷 Veterans.
Please know that I keep you all in 🙏prayer. Even if on “inactive status,” we’ve graduated, we’re letter-men!

Despite what 📰news casts like to say,
Not all of us are mental, OR in 😖disarray.

We ship out from military bases to arrive overseas🛳
When we return we are expected to forget everything we’ve 👀 seen.

How dare we return with 🤕mental problems or broken limbs?
Now, they’ll blame us soldiers, for government 💰funds being trimmed.

Many of my unit 👫👧👨friends never made it back alive,
My heart goes out to families of these fallen who have died.

If you see a serviceman or veteran depicted as a 🔫shooter…
Ask yourself this⬇️

Did a war screw him up,
OR was it a 💊💉prescription drug?

I love how they blame everything on a 🔫weapon,
Instead of 🤓🗂researching 💉💊prescriptions as most vets 🤔suspected.

It’s always wise to 🕵️‍♂️🔎investigate,
before making false judgments and/or claims.

Do people truly know what 👊fighting 💣wars is all about?
Maybe if they 📝enlisted, they’d have an 🤔 idea of why we are so 💪 proud.

Because it takes alot of guts to lay one’s own life down,
For people who’d never serve,
Yet 🗣complain and ☹frown.

What would happen to our 🇱🇷 Country if we didn’t stand up to 🥊fight?
Another Country would overtake us, there would be no America to unite.

Next time you see someone complain and/or want to 🏴protest and 🗣chant-
Remind them that it’s only because of 🙌us, they’re able to hold a rant.

Did you know that 📖 Jesus said it’s an 🤚honor to ⚰die in place of another?
The Lord 💛esteemed those who would give their lives for others,
Stating these warriors had great and noble ⚒valor!

Stand tall, stand proud!!
United States Marine Corps, I will “Oo Rah” it out loud!