LUCIFERase😈 Covid Vaccine💉 & Digital-Currency💲 in 1



Formerly Anonymous💙

ℹluciferase vaccine – Google Search

ℹ Luciferase Immunoprecipitation System (LIPS) assay is a rapid, simple, and sensitive test to detect antibody response to respiratory syncytial virus | FDA


IT👤 Creeps In🏡


Does satan😈 live🌳
within your house🏠
It creeps 👤into mine
Just like a mouse🐁🖱🖲

Walking 👣this path 🛣
Is very hard
Awaiting the wrath 🔥
No holds barred⚡☄

I 🚫don’t drink🍻
I 🚫don’t smoke 🚬
I used to
But then I choked😥

Secular music 🎧📻🎵
I 🚫don’t listen to
I talk about ☝🏼God
But that isn’t🚫 “cool”👍🤳

I 🚫don’t fornicate
Been there, done that
☝🏼GOD can’t wait⌛
And that’s just a fact✔👨🏻‍🏫

To the young 🏃‍♀️🕺
All I can say🤔
🚫Nothing in life
Can always be “your way”🍔🔱

I’m sorry🙁 that time⌚
is really short
Some of you wish🤞
GOD☝🏼 was last resort🏝

🙏🏻Thankfully GOD☝🏼
Doesn’t see🤓 things our way
Which is why He asks 📯📣
for your love💙💖 TODAY

I am 🚫NOT perfect👌
And will NEVER be
But I’ve surrendered 🛐
My life to unto THEE☝🏼

For GOD☝🏼 is the ultimate 🙇‍♀️
In the word “HOLY” 👼💫
In Him⬆️ find happiness🤗
You’ll see, honestly🤚


👉322💀/ 420☠ Countdown⌛


3/2020 (March 2020) = 322 SKULL & BONES💀 Fake Gematria✡, evil 6 point system📡

4/2020 (April 2020) = 420 SKULL & CROSS-BONES☠ Fake Gematria✡, evil 6 point system📡

👨‍🚀👩‍🚀 On 3 – 2 – 2
🙏🏻Believers started to rise👼⛅
3 – 2 – 2 ⏰
💀☠Plans📔 for a mass sacrifice⚰

📆⌚4 – 2 – 0
Cut lives of believing heros💞🙌🏿🙏
🕰 4 – 2 – 0
A sign☣ they’ll usher in their “Nero”👹

Oh their numbers #🔢🅾️
How they😈 lie🗣
💲Secret societies🏛
Will be “left behind”🌆🗑🔥

As our Jesus🙏
Holds the door🚪⛅💫
Demonic faces👾🤖💀☠😱🤡👿
Will hit🔨the floor🛣🚧

Here’s a number🔟🔢
Rhyme🎤 for evil😈
We 🤜rebuke in Jesus
ALL of your upheaval🙅🏼‍♀️

👼1 – 2 – 3
JESUS 💫 died for me💞
ALL the saved🤗🛐
HE will set free💖💫

3 – 2 – 1⛅🌩
☝🏼GOD’s will be done
Here on 🌏earth
Through ☝🏼His beautiful 💞Son

For ☝🏼GOD our Father🛐
Doesn’t author✒ confusion
It’s this thing ➡️😈
Which brings forth delusion🤕💊💉🍹🚬

😢Please accept🛐 Christ
into your life🤗💖
Before it’s too late⚰
And you believe the “LIE”😈👽

Despite what you think🤔
It takes one blink😌
And POOF🎉 it’s REALLY over⚰

⚠️➡️WE may have 2 – 4 weeks to get it together🙏 OR risk your soul💫 to go through some hellish🔥☄ weather😈

IF I am 🚫wrong may I go to hell🔥
Because I want you all ⛅💫 eternally well🙏


ℹWatch “URGENT!! HAWAII on LOCKDOWN!! Preplanned Tsunamis are coming!!” on YouTube


ℹU.S. Tsunami Warning Centers

ℹ15 Ways The World Will End By 2020

15 Ways The World Will End By 2020

ℹAsteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System – Wikipedia

😈Demonic ☄🌏Occidental Asteroid


Came across some information📰
I didn’t want to know😒
Please note my hesitation
Emotions I didn’t wish to show🙈🙉

🤜I refuse to fear you satan😈
So put that in your mind🤕
You have 🚫NO classification📋
You’re 🕵️‍♂️👥evil is beyond unkind

Some idiots👿👹👺🃏🤹‍♂️ may follow…
you’re ridiculous cessations🐃🐐🦉🦇
But us children of the Most High☝🏼 GOD💫💙
know you’re true limitations🔥🔚

Enjoy your 15 minutes⌚
Because that’s all you got⏰
Soon you’ll be in Hades🔥
and wish you had a yacht🛳

Anonymous 💙
ℹSome THING➡️😈may be coming our way⬇️ (per Govt FAA)



➡️ATLAS – The ATLAS Project

🛐Forgive Me💔

🙏🏻Father forgive me I’m scum of the earth 🌎
I don’t deserve YOUR 💞forgiveness,
I’ve been bad since my birth👶

This 🌍world (to me), hasn’t been kind😠
But I know YOU☝️ are the ultimate🤗 Word in sublime 🛐

🙏🏻Father God, only YOU deserve all that is good😇💫
I’ll never be great, although I know I should 😔

🙏🏻I know Father, that I cannot turn back↩ time⌚
🚫Can’t change what I’ve done🙆🏽‍♂️, or all that I’ve whined 🗣

Lord, I know that I will sin again😔- BUT, if I repent🙏🏼, the enemy😈WON’T win… AMEN🙌

😈satan- is both a liar and a 🕵️‍♂️thief
He’s here🌏 to wreak havoc😨 –
And gives YOUR 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦children grief😦🤦‍♀️

🛐Help us, Lord to be much 🏋️‍♀️💪stronger
Help us to place 🤓🔎focus on THEE☝️ … for much much longer

We ALL place hope🙏🏻 in YOUR SON
He came for US 👱‍♀️🤦🏿‍♂️🤵🏽👷‍♀️👳🏽‍♂️ sinners💔
Our souls 🛐 💫⬆️He has won🏆🥇



🚫👼Un-holi Day

🙆‍♀️I’ve said it once
I’ll 🗣say it again
I can’t wait for this 😨nightmare year to come to its’ end⚰

🎄Holidays are overdrive
From 🗣arguments and 🥊fights people👥  cannot hide 🕵️‍♂️

🙏The better a person that I wish to be-
The more 😈satan succeeds at blocking🚪me

My boss 👴alone now lays 🛌
In a hospital🏥🏨 bed today
His age is 95,
He has no🚫 God for which to strive🤺

For days now I have wished🙏
To take him a 🕎Hanukkah dish🍲
To say goodbye and pray🛐
With Jesus⬆️ I hope his heart💓 will stay ⛅

😟Impossible it seems
But ☝️GOD sees👀 everything
He knows what’s in my 💛heart
Right now it falls apart 💔

Tonight satan😈 wins 🏆
Sums up how next year might begin🔥

Not everyone’s life 🏡 is happy;

Mine 4 some reason is almost always crappy💩

Here’s hoping yours is better!🤗 To change this gloomy weather🌦🌫🌩


🎞💻Netflix & Chill🛋

My mind was 🤕sick and twisted
With God my soul💫 enlisted📃🖋
Don’t worry, I’m still deranged😨
But through Christ🙏 I have been changed🤗

New meaning to Netflix🎞 and chill🛋
To do with as you will…🤓
I’m merely just the messenger📧✉
🚫No where near that Henry Kissinger🏦💼

Netflix 💻 NOW has a show🎬
Claiming 📺 Christ Jesus is gay👬
Deluded abomination🔥
Let them😈 “have it their way🍔”🔥

So why do I believe⁉️
In ☝️Christ, specifically…
👿Evil tries so hard to diss🗣
The ☝️GOD they😈🤡😱👻👽can’t dismiss

Serve 👳🏽‍♂️allah, 🎎buddah, or 😈satan…
Christ isn’t worth the waitin’⏳⌚
➡️IF Christ is so irrelevant⁉️
👨‍🏫WHY make your point so elephant🐘⁉️

IF YOU ARE AN ATHEIST, why bow🤵 to any deity🕉✡🏯⛪🗽🕋⛩☯️☸👺⁉️ Isn’t that the craziest🤕😨 Or perhaps it’s just the laziest🛌

Life 🏡lessons will always be learned 👩‍🏫💁‍♂️
Let’s all gain 🤔wisdom & avoid eternal⚰ burn🔥

Anonymous 💙


⁉️🤷‍♂️Who, What, 🤷‍♀️Why⁉️


⁉️WHO are you?❔ WHAT are you?❓
💁‍♀️Who were you to ☝️GOD?
Select ✔your best option🤳
Then give me a nod🤥

A best 🤗friend, a servant🛐
🏹Enemy or 👨‍💻peer?
Cousin 🙅‍♂️or insurgent 🕵️‍♂️
🙆‍♂️What did you formerly adhere?⁉️

Why do you have 🔋power to 🔱rule on earth🌏
🤔What is your point?❔ Why disguise in rebirth?👺

Do you realize your time⏳ is nearly up?
It’s sad what you’ve👉😈 done…. You’ve 🛍🕶💍💰💳🎬📺💻⌨🎥📹corrupted most of us

One day, no matter
We BELIEVERS🤚 will stand🤺
We aren’t 😨afraid
Our ☝️GOD remains in command🤜

So go back to HELL🔥
Remember… that pit ♨️ in which you 🗃🗄💼work so well💩



When the Enemy😠 Wins🏆👩‍⚖

There is 🚫no justice⚖👨‍⚖ in this world🌎
I tried to keep myself 👧composed before I hurled😣🍔🚽

We live 🏚🌆⛼🌉in a time⌛ where darkness🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️ reigns🔱
👥👤Criminals rob 🔫🗡openly yet sue💼💲 victims😞😟🙁 leaving stains 💔

In error⚠️ I 👉 blamed ☝️G-D, although it’s 🚫not His fault
✡Rosh Hoshana, Yom🕎 Kippur … no safety🔐🔏 vault

And though I fasted🚫🍞☕, and people👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 prayed 🙏
NO 🛐prayers 👂heard, punish all victims… THEY 🤛should be shamed😂🤣

🙆‍♀️🤷‍♂️What’s new?❗⁉️ ✡Jew bashing🗣 week….
Warm ♨️up the ovens! ⚰Kill them 🕎now –
While at their ⬇️lowest peak📊

But there was 1 Jew🕎 who did endure💪
He was found ⚖👩‍⚖blameless, without🚫 sin
Left no brochure🗂🗄

That was my💞 Jesus, who lives in me💖
The 💍precious 🐑lamb, the son of man –

Forgive 🛐me ☝️G-D, for failing to 🙏trust in thee💫👑⛅

Anonymous 💙




satan😈 has kept me 🙆‍♀️🏃‍♀️busy, battling🤺 his untruths🗣
If not for YOUR☝️ ⛅reality, I’d feel I’ve lost my youth💃🙇‍♀️

Please guide the 💽disc sent✉📫📮 out, just the other day
In Jesus name I 🙏pray, that all things continue YOUR☝️ way

IF received in your 🤔wisdom and light💥
We will 🥊defeat the 😈enemy by your 💫holy might 💪

For “no 🔫🏹weapon formed against us👱‍♀️ shall 🛡prosper,”
Let JUSTICE⚖👩‍⚖ overcome 👻🤡EVIL,
Give demons👾👽 something to 🤕ponder!

Death🔪 threats… I laugh🤣😂 at-
For I’m under YOUR🛐 command
Unfortunately for 🕵️‍♂️👥THEM,
😲Demons just don’t🚫 understand💡

Miss 😕our precious time 🙏together my beautiful ☝️G-D up ⛅👑above,
Thank you for prompting 👉me👱‍♀️ to share about YOU☝️with others I do love💖

Hoping this 🛌😪nightmare ends BEFORE,
The festive🎉 yet holy,💫🛐 Yom Kippur🙏