🤣Martyr Me 👱‍♀️


You hated😠 Him👑⬆️⛅
So hate😡 my sin🔥

I’m 🚫not afraid 😓
So use your blade🗡

Let the 😂martyring begin!🏁


I’m here on earth🌏
🙋‍♀️Let me be first🛣

⚰Died long ago
Now watch🤓 the show📺

😄Martyr Me… I’ll win!! 🏆


📖Shadrach, 🕎Meshach, ✡Abednego
➡️THEY 🤵🏽👳🏽‍♀️👨🏻‍💼 went through the same, so now you know💡

I’m traceable📲
💻⌨🖱A.I., it knows💡

May become a Netflix show🎬💻

Here’s the popcorn🍿
THIS is ✍prophetically forlorn. 📖

Anonymous 💙 ⬇️

Watch “ESCAPE from 🕍🕌⛪🏯🏰Persecution Statement” on YouTube


[⬆️FAIR USE DISCLAIMER- Educational purposes only, NO MONETARY GAIN.]


🎞💻Netflix & Chill🛋

My mind was 🤕sick and twisted
With God my soul💫 enlisted📃🖋
Don’t worry, I’m still deranged😨
But through Christ🙏 I have been changed🤗

New meaning to Netflix🎞 and chill🛋
To do with as you will…🤓
I’m merely just the messenger📧✉
🚫No where near that Henry Kissinger🏦💼

Netflix 💻 NOW has a show🎬
Claiming 📺 Christ Jesus is gay👬
Deluded abomination🔥
Let them😈 “have it their way🍔”🔥

So why do I believe⁉️
In ☝️Christ, specifically…
👿Evil tries so hard to diss🗣
The ☝️GOD they😈🤡😱👻👽can’t dismiss

Serve 👳🏽‍♂️allah, 🎎buddah, or 😈satan…
Christ isn’t worth the waitin’⏳⌚
➡️IF Christ is so irrelevant⁉️
👨‍🏫WHY make your point so elephant🐘⁉️

IF YOU ARE AN ATHEIST, why bow🤵 to any deity🕉✡🏯⛪🗽🕋⛩☯️☸👺⁉️ Isn’t that the craziest🤕😨 Or perhaps it’s just the laziest🛌

Life 🏡lessons will always be learned 👩‍🏫💁‍♂️
Let’s all gain 🤔wisdom & avoid eternal⚰ burn🔥

Anonymous 💙