Former Pope📿⛪ Chillin’ w/ a Demon👹





No disrespect to the ⛪ 📿FORMER POPE,

But this creepy😱 pic 🖼 just isn’t a joke🤣

WHAT THE HELL🔥😈 is that THING⁉️❔
Reminds me of 📖REVELATION 13:15.

👹👾A gold demon set-up🖼 in the vatican📿 -kind of SPIRAL🙅‍♀️🦐
😲NO wonder it had been going VIRAL💻📲❕❗

At first I thought 🤔it was a piñata🎉🍭🍬🍫 🎉🎈… at least the 👹 demon didn’t drive in 🛣 by way of a Hyndai Sonata🚗

Anonymous 💙