🤤Pandemonium, the world🌏 is out of control🕹🎮
DO NOT🚫 become un-glued😢
For ☝🏼GOD is in the know🤔

Whatever it is that’s planned📄📔
Will surely come about
We have the 🙏SON OF MAN
NO NEED to 🗣🔊scream or shout❗

🙏🏽Ask ☝🏼GOD to give you strength💪
Forgive💖 your enemy🕵️‍♂️
Repent🛐 while you still can
Raise up 🤗🙌🏻the SON OF MAN💞


ℹWatch “Product of the corona virus must watch part 6 E2” on YouTube

ℹWatch “URGENT!! I Drove Cross Country: Grocery Supply Chains DOWN!!(Mirrored)” on YouTube


🙅‍♀️🙆‍♂️Stress & Morbidity🙁


Yesterday morning I felt so morbid 🙃
Was almost in despair 😦
By nightfall 🌃I felt happy 😊
💻🗄🗃 Work work work…
🎉YAY, I was no longer there!

Spending time with ☝️G-D on last night’s special Shabbat 🕎
The last night of 🍷🍪Passover … due to life drama, I almost forgot 🙃

Please forgive me 🛐 Father for my self-cursed luck 🎲🎲🃏
What can I say G-d, as a person (at times) I really suck 😔

This life – oh Lord,
Is so stressful at times 🤐
🙃🤑🔱Madness and chaos reign
And 🚫 nothing is sublime 💫

But, YOU☝️ are always with me
Especially when I’m down
🙏 THANK YOU for all you do
Always… you turn things around ↩⤴️

All glory be to YOU Father G-D💫
Now and forever
Your words are the TRUTH🤚👊
I don’t plan to leave you EVER!

For if I did, I’d surely die ⚰
You’re the only 1 whose with me when I cry😭

Anonymous 💙


⁉️❗❔❓ Strange Day

Today has been a very ⁉️strange day,
What’s in the ⛈air – I’m not usually in this much emotional 😖disarray?

To some, I have lived an amazing 🏖 life.
Although most has been bad – – Hey I 💪survived.

Wake up, 🛁shower, get 👗👠dressed – go to 🗄💼work,
Proceed to be 👉mistreated by a 👴gray haired suited jerk.

After 9 hours of 🚫no 🥗food because there’s no ⌚time for an actual lunch hour,
Get 🏠home, have to 🍝cook for people who in seconds will 🍽devour …
What took me 30-40 minutes to 💡think of and prepare,
Then guess what? I get to wash all 🍴🥄🔪pots, pans and dishware.


If I’m lucky, I’ll get to see 1 movie 🎞before calling it a 🌃night,
Read a few 📖scriptures by G-d, before turning out the 🛌bedroom light.

I guess I’m 🙏blessed – is what I meant,
Every 2 weeks 📅 I save 95% 💸 toward rent.

At one time, not long ago, I used to be 🏕homeless,
Struggling, avoiding 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️thugs, praying to G-d- I don’t regress.

These are some things⬆️ G-d did for me,
He provides because I believe.

I’m thinking🤔 don’t tarry, Christ must be at hand,
The enemy is 😈 lurking, but G-D HAS A 📖 PLAN!

So whatever⁉️ this is, that I’m 👱‍♀️ going through,
It too shall 💨 pass, ⬆️ His 🤚promises I know well and good.




🎒😐Work & Unbelievers

Thanks to you G-d💫, I have embarked⛵ on a new work 💼🎒venture,
In a fake world🌏, that of course ⚖ judges me… and 🚫 censors.


My belief in your Son, 👆Christ Jesus is his name.
He is the 🛤way, the truth, and the 🌅 life- people please stop with the 🗣”blaspheming”🏀⚾️game.

After all, remember Jesus himself was a ✡JEW,
It’s FAKE people🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️ who speak🗣 words which are untrue.

Have they not heard, in JOHN 4:22, “You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews.”

Coworkers 🗣say, there is 🚫no god, just 💆‍♂️meditate,
Others chant or do 👿spells. I 🙏pray, but here comes hate.

Far from a 🤓nerd, I’ll shout out loud,
You chant to your 😈thing, while I 👊rebuke it now!

🎒Bosses expect us not to have a 🏡life,
Instead, they want to leave us with THEIR 😭😦strife.

To all of this I say “hey, I just 👩‍💻work for you,
This is YOUR 💭dream, not mine, shouldn’t you work, too?”

Despite whatever may 🤦‍♀️🚉 come at me, the name of JESUS🥊 is what will set me free,
Because eternity💫 is a long time, And not worth hell🔥 or misery.
So, cling to Jesus Christ!
Only in Him👆 will you find victory!🏆

Some of these words🗣 may 👂sound harsh,
But they must be said so that YOU can be SAVED 🙏🙌 and NOT mislead. 😈