All for YOU🎼🎶



🎼Everything I 👱‍♀️ am,🎵
And everything I’ll be,🎵
Please know it’s all for ⬆️YOU, Lord🎵
Cause I 🚫 don’t belong to me.🎶

🎼And everything I am, 🎵
And everything I’ll be, 💨🎵
I’ll do it all for ☝️YOU Lord, 🎵
Cause I don’t belong to me.🎶

🎼Give me more of 🙇‍♀️YOU Lord,🎵
And give me less of me.🎵
🎼Thank you for your 💕LOVE Lord,🎶
⬆️YOU have set me free.🎵

🎼✡Adon ata ori, oh – 🛐Adon ata ori.🎵
🎼Adon ata ori, oh – 🙏Adon ata ori.🎵
🎼Adon ata ori… oh…🎶
🎼Adon… ata…ori…🎵





Worthy to be Praised


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And, just like David, I myself write this 😙love letter to YOU.

Anonymous 💙


It is our walk TOGETHER which helps give me YOUR 💥glow,

Desire to improve myself, this way it’s YOU👆 who remains “the show.”

Today you have answered yet another prayer🙏,

As always, I 👱 am grateful – filled with joy, yet despaired😯.

For the world🌎 we live in has become quite dark💀😱,

Soon the accuser😈 will request that infamous mark💉.


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How I wish I could look away, and simply 😔”ignore,”

Obvious “signs”📰 🌊🌋you display as if yelling📣, “I implore!”

Evil 👿👽👹seems to be ready to usher in the other guy👤,

Your adversary, the accuser – the one who steals and lies.

No matter – we 💪BELIEVERS know what is to come,

We’re prepared, ready to 👊fight, and definitely NOT numb.

Wish I could do more to spread bountiful truth 📢 📖,

WARN the masses not to tarry, belief and faith🙌🙇 comes from YOU💙

Please tell me, or show me what you need from me🙆 today?

Because I belong to you, I am YOURS💋💗, in every way.

I hope that someday I’ll be able to pay💸 you back,

For changing my life G-d, it’s YOU who got it on track🚆🚈🚇!

Love you Father G-d💫, thank you Jesus👆 – for your immense love💓💕💞,

I’m humbled😌, beyond grateful for blessings🎁from above⬆.

PSALMS 86:12, “I give thanks to you, O Lord my G-d, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever.”

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Anonymous. 💙