🙏Faith🙌 Healing👨‍⚕️



Another injury🤕😷, another testimony 🙌
By 💞Faith you 👨‍⚕️heal, because you are Holy 💫

Jesus you 🤗 are my 👨‍⚕️physician
🙏Faith has zero to do with bogus 🏯⛪🕌religion🕍

💊💉Healing comes from 🙏belief
No one👥👤 can take it, not even a thief🕵️‍♂️

Cut part of my 👍thumb 🔪off neglectfully cooking🍳
This wasn’t planned, I just 🚫wasn’t looking 👀


🛐Plead the blood of Christ because I believe 💞💫
🏥24 hours later, my thumb use 🚑retrieved

🛐Thank you Lord Jesus, my 🤗savior ☝️G-d’s son….
Only through you, can I hear G-d say📣 “well done.”

Crystal Lewis- Lord I Believe In You w/Lyrics – YouTube




✒📄Dear GOD🛐



✒Dear G-D🛐

I 🙏pray for continued wisdom, 🤗kindness & strength 💪
Whether I’m worthy – is another story📚
These things are needed at great length
Gain knowledge👨‍🏫 and give you, G-D, all 🛐honour & glory 🙇‍♀️

Always wonder🤔 why I’m still here
Grateful😚 because it’s YOU☝️ that I now fear😓

🤷‍♀️How many times from ⚰death, have you 🚚📧delivered me?
I’ve lost count …. 🙆‍♀️
BUT… about your💞 love I have no doubt

🙌BELIEVERS spared for such a ⌛ time as this…
Let’s use time🕰 wisely and love💛 💑eachother in joyous🎉 bliss ⛅

Anonymous 💙


Answered Prayers🙌



🙏G-D, I asked you to make a way🛣
📅Today you’ve answered my prayer petition 🛐
Lord, you’ve brightened up my day 💥

Through good times 🎉and in bad⚰
☝️YOU never🚫 fail me 👱‍♀️
Even when times become especially sad

Noting that sin 😈 can impede prayer petition
I actually took a minute⌚ to stop🛑🚦 and instead listen👂

💙Thank you for forgiveness
💙Thank you for unconditional love💞
💙Thank you for reprimanding 👉 me
☝️YOU rectified my path🏞 to you with a loving shove 👏

This 1 minute⏱ poem📃 I know, isn’t enough 😔
But it comes from my 💙heart with great and profound love 🤗

I love you, because YOU☝️ are true
True to those who follow and profess🗣 YOU

This sinner ➡️👱‍♀️ loves you with all of her heart💖
Thank you for changing my life from it’s pathetic original start 🏁

Psalm 66:19, “But truly G-d has listened; He has attended to the voice of my prayer.” 🙏🙏🛐🛐

⛅Eternally grateful to my faithful G-d🤗

Anonymous 💙


All for YOU🎼🎶



🎼Everything I 👱‍♀️ am,🎵
And everything I’ll be,🎵
Please know it’s all for ⬆️YOU, Lord🎵
Cause I 🚫 don’t belong to me.🎶

🎼And everything I am, 🎵
And everything I’ll be, 💨🎵
I’ll do it all for ☝️YOU Lord, 🎵
Cause I don’t belong to me.🎶

🎼Give me more of 🙇‍♀️YOU Lord,🎵
And give me less of me.🎵
🎼Thank you for your 💕LOVE Lord,🎶
⬆️YOU have set me free.🎵

🎼✡Adon ata ori, oh – 🛐Adon ata ori.🎵
🎼Adon ata ori, oh – 🙏Adon ata ori.🎵
🎼Adon ata ori… oh…🎶
🎼Adon… ata…ori…🎵






“This is the day that the Lord has made. I will 🙌👏rejoice and be glad in it.”

How many times have we heard👂 this said?
Meaningful 🗣words, ⬆️ His spiritual 🍞bread.

🙏Grateful to G-d through Jesus Christ,
Our Savior, our Lord, our manna and 💥light.


Everyday📅 we are blessed, but we get stuck at times,
In the 🎒🛍hustle and bustle this 🌎world provides.

Take a ⌚minute to say a quick 🛐 THANK YOU-
To 💫⬆️ G-d, our creator,
Our source of 📖 truth.

💫⬆️ G-D is our 🏛fortress, our 🏕shelter from any 🌧🌩storm,
⬆️ He will hide us in times of trouble… HE will 🍗🍪feed us and keep us warm.


Happy 🦃 turkey day to my ⬆️💫G-D,
The one who lives past the ⛅skies- above,
Leviticus 📖 says the G-D of Abraham likes 🍢 barbecue,
So, La Chaim’ my King👑 and here’s to YOU!🥂

*Traditional, TOFURKEY or store-bought food…. its all delicious, it’s all good!

LOL – ⬇️

Happy Thanksgiving & G-d be with you!


🙏The Very Same G-D⬆️

fair use disclosure



Well it’s another day
And I’m thinking about
The things I want to say
But my thoughts are like clouds
drifting far away
Well I admit I doubt sometimes
that I’m on Your mind

Just another face
looking up from the crowd
Searching for a way
To talk to You now
Sometimes I feel small
in the scope of it all
and then I’m reminded again


That the very same G-d
That dreamt of the oceans
and set the stars into place
Well he knows me by name
The very same G-d
That put the world into motion
Is listening today
He hears what I say
When I pray

Thank you for the faith
That keeps me inspired
That tells me everyday
How much you desire
Just to hear from me
I can’t tell You how much that means
It’s so hard to conceive

And I believe that You’re with me
Lord when I’m on my knees
Your timeless mercy rescues me



*MESSAGE:  I do not ask for donations nor sell materials in any manner. G-d’s word is FREE, His ❤is FREE.  I share this for continued inspiration and encouragement – to show His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for us, YOU & me. Be blessed!*

ALL 🙌🙏PRAISE AND GLORY TO ADONAI, the G-D of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, through Christ Jesus – true Messiah.


Anonymous 💙