NOT🚫 Alone🕴

Lord I 🛐came before your throne ⛅💫👼
Because I felt so all alone 🕴

Imprisoned 😢in this place🌎
In 🌑darkness seeking🔦 your face💥

But you 👂heard me 🙏and now do shine🕯💡
So 💫sublimely, you’re so kind 💞

Undeserving as am I 👱‍♀️
🛐Humbled… now I sigh😧

Haters😬🤥😠 hate and do 🤳🤝conveyne
For me there’s ☝️YOU w/Christ 💪in-between

This battle💣exhausted all my might😩
Your 🔋🔌📡power now is in their 🔭sight

May those🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️ who see 👱‍♀️me, see your light💥
To your 📖word, we 🙏 hold on tight 🤛

Let them👥have 👂ears & 👀eyes to 👓see🤓
Nothing 🚵‍♀️impossible for me, WITH 💫THEE🏆🎖

All ⚡power and glory💥 belongs to you
With your 🙇‍♂️son, who holds all 🗝truth🤚

Anonymous 💙

“[G-D] raised⬆️ [Christ] from the ⚰dead and seated him at His right hand in the ⛅💫heavenly places… . He put all things under his feet👣 and gave him as head 👨‍⚖over all things to the ⛪🕍church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills🍵all in all.”

– Ephesians 1:20–23







📖Revelation 1:3, “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear👂the 🗣words of this 🌆prophecy, and keep those things which are ✒written therein; for the ⏳ time is at 🤚hand.”

🙏Blessed is he who 👓 reads…
This 📖 book about prophecy
Which 🗣 talks about the end
Not of ⌚time, but of what ☝️G-d intends

Instead of 🤓seeing this 📖 book as morbid 🙁
Think of it as a story previously 📀recorded

Behold, a door 🚪opened to ⛅heaven
The voice of an 😇 angel shouted down
📯”Come up hither…” JOHN was called🤳
To take a good look🔦 around

Those which come out from the great tribulation
Become 🙏blessed with a different equation👨‍🏫

Those whom have washed their robes👕 white
Found worthy to 🛐reign before the 👑throne of ☝️G-D day🌞 & night🌒

How ⚡powerful is that!
☝️G-d keeps all 🤚promises in tact

The point is 🚫 never give up, 🚫 never give in-
💙 LOVE comes from ☝️G-d, and it 🏠dwells from within 💞



Anonymous 💙