satan😈 has kept me 🙆‍♀️🏃‍♀️busy, battling🤺 his untruths🗣
If not for YOUR☝️ ⛅reality, I’d feel I’ve lost my youth💃🙇‍♀️

Please guide the 💽disc sent✉📫📮 out, just the other day
In Jesus name I 🙏pray, that all things continue YOUR☝️ way

IF received in your 🤔wisdom and light💥
We will 🥊defeat the 😈enemy by your 💫holy might 💪

For “no 🔫🏹weapon formed against us👱‍♀️ shall 🛡prosper,”
Let JUSTICE⚖👩‍⚖ overcome 👻🤡EVIL,
Give demons👾👽 something to 🤕ponder!

Death🔪 threats… I laugh🤣😂 at-
For I’m under YOUR🛐 command
Unfortunately for 🕵️‍♂️👥THEM,
😲Demons just don’t🚫 understand💡

Miss 😕our precious time 🙏together my beautiful ☝️G-D up ⛅👑above,
Thank you for prompting 👉me👱‍♀️ to share about YOU☝️with others I do love💖

Hoping this 🛌😪nightmare ends BEFORE,
The festive🎉 yet holy,💫🛐 Yom Kippur🙏



🙏Faith🙌 Healing👨‍⚕️



Another injury🤕😷, another testimony 🙌
By 💞Faith you 👨‍⚕️heal, because you are Holy 💫

Jesus you 🤗 are my 👨‍⚕️physician
🙏Faith has zero to do with bogus 🏯⛪🕌religion🕍

💊💉Healing comes from 🙏belief
No one👥👤 can take it, not even a thief🕵️‍♂️

Cut part of my 👍thumb 🔪off neglectfully cooking🍳
This wasn’t planned, I just 🚫wasn’t looking 👀


🛐Plead the blood of Christ because I believe 💞💫
🏥24 hours later, my thumb use 🚑retrieved

🛐Thank you Lord Jesus, my 🤗savior ☝️G-d’s son….
Only through you, can I hear G-d say📣 “well done.”

Crystal Lewis- Lord I Believe In You w/Lyrics – YouTube



🚫Not Giving 👂Heed💆‍♀️

We shouldn’t 🚫 give👂 heed💆‍♀️ to the enemy😈
That thing takes enough⌚ time from us👱‍♀️👲👨‍🍳👩‍🚒👮‍♂️… mentally🤕

Jesus is right, have faith 🛐 and ignore🙏
Just hold on tight🤜 don’t bother with it😈 anymore😊

Take 🛐heed to your 💫Father through ⬆️Christ while you still can 🌎
Near is that day 🌇- the return ↩of the Son of man⛅

Keep your oil 🕯burning 🔥
Just like 🕰time, it never 🛑stops turning

Anonymous 💙

NOT🚫 Alone🕴

Lord I 🛐came before your throne ⛅💫👼
Because I felt so all alone 🕴

Imprisoned 😢in this place🌎
In 🌑darkness seeking🔦 your face💥

But you 👂heard me 🙏and now do shine🕯💡
So 💫sublimely, you’re so kind 💞

Undeserving as am I 👱‍♀️
🛐Humbled… now I sigh😧

Haters😬🤥😠 hate and do 🤳🤝conveyne
For me there’s ☝️YOU w/Christ 💪in-between

This battle💣exhausted all my might😩
Your 🔋🔌📡power now is in their 🔭sight

May those🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️ who see 👱‍♀️me, see your light💥
To your 📖word, we 🙏 hold on tight 🤛

Let them👥have 👂ears & 👀eyes to 👓see🤓
Nothing 🚵‍♀️impossible for me, WITH 💫THEE🏆🎖

All ⚡power and glory💥 belongs to you
With your 🙇‍♂️son, who holds all 🗝truth🤚

Anonymous 💙

“[G-D] raised⬆️ [Christ] from the ⚰dead and seated him at His right hand in the ⛅💫heavenly places… . He put all things under his feet👣 and gave him as head 👨‍⚖over all things to the ⛪🕍church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills🍵all in all.”

– Ephesians 1:20–23


DOUBT 🤷‍♀️



🛐Forgive me father ☝️G-D for all of my self-doubt 🤔
I 🤚promise to eventually work🗄🗃 it out, that’s what you’re⬆️ all about

Because all your 🙏promises, that I do believe🙌
Despite the 😈enemy’s attempts to practice utter deceit 🎃

It’s 🚫 not all about me👱‍♀️, it’s always about you☝️
I know that your ✒written 📖word is what matters… I trust in YOU🤗

Please 🛐forgive me – I love you💞

Through Christ Jesus, I pray🙏

Anonymous 💙


Come👶👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🙇‍♀️ to ME☝️ 🌩⚡


Come👶👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🙇‍♀️ to ME☝️ 🌩⚡
All ye faithful 🙏🛐come to me
I am G-D, I tell📯 everyone’s story 📚
To ME☝️ONLY be all the glory💥🛐

I AM the G-D☝️ of Abraham
The G-D of everything 🌏
That’s right, Creator💫 and King👑

⁉️Do you believe ❓
Do you truly believe in ME❔
If you do, many miracles🙎‍♂️🙎‍♀️
You yourself will do and see🙄

From where did Disney📺🐭get “believe”
Ideas of 🏰🏯kingdoms, 🔱kings and queens🤴👸
From ☝️ME….
All of that came from 🌩⚡ME

All things 🌏🏞🌋🏔came from ME
Stolen & 📦🗃repackaged,
For each 🌏earthly 👫generation-
To be 🎃tricked, don’t you see 🤤

Nothing new🎁 under the sun🌞
I AM☝️📯👼 the 1 and only one
It’s what I will🤛
Which will be done 😟🤤🛐

MY patience is running⌛ out fast❗❕
I AM the first 💫 and,
I AM the last 💫
All things I have surpassed⬆️
My ⛅🏰KINGDOM 👑 reigns and will outlast🌏

Anonymous 💙


💍Treasured MEMORIES😚


When I die⚰
Don’t lie awake🛌 and cry😭

When I die ⚰
🚫Don’t let my death⚰ eat🍝 up your life🏡

When I die⚰…
💭Remember the good🤗 times
As well as my bad 😒 🎧🗣rhymes… LOL🙆‍♀️

When I die⚰ ….
Hold dear💙 all of our time together👩‍👧
And turn our📸📹 memories into treasure💍

When I die⚰
Don’t 🤷‍♀️wonder or worry 😟
☝️Jesus or Grandpa will look👓 after me 👱‍♀️ in a hurry⛅

Just as ⬆️Christ went “to prepare a place 🏰 for us”…. so will I, therefore trust 🤗

Always keep your faith🛐🙏
👉Make sure that stays in it’s place💙

Anonymous 💙


When EVERYTHING 🌎 is gone🗺 ☝️G-D IS ALL🙏 WE HAVE💙



🙏🙌 I will worship the Lord my ⬆️G-D and Him☝️ only will I serve 🛐

🚫Not today 😈satan!! The pit of hell🔥 is what you deserve

I will not🚫 be afraid😯 of the terror😱👻 by night ⛼
For I am not🚫 afraid to stand up🤺 and fight🥊

I am not🚫 alone👱‍♀️, for there are many of us🏋️‍♂️🏍🚴‍♀️🤼‍♀️🏇
Ready for the fight 👊of our lives, in ☝️G-D we do trust 🙏

🗣👂Rumors of war💣, won’t be rumored at all
🇺🇸America take heed🏚, a humiliating fall⤵️

This spiritual💫 battle will soon come to an end ☄🔥
So what are you waiting for🙆‍♀️, tell 🗣all of your friends 👩‍⚕️👨‍🏫👩‍💻👨‍🔬👩‍🍳👨‍🚒👩‍✈️

When everything🌎 is gone, it may be too late⌛
Let’s love 💙one another and not🚫 give in to hate 😠

Anonymous 💙


When the 🌎World is 🤺Against You 😓



When the world 🌎 is against🤺 you, pick up your sword 🏹🔪
☝️G-D IS ALWAYS WITH US, strength🏋️‍♂️💪 from Him is our reward🏆🥇

I’m not a good 😒person, and I 😠curse a lot
But ☝️G-D knows my heart 💛 – I love Him with all I’ve got 🤗

When the world 🌍 is against 🚫 me or those that I love💕
I use all I have 👩‍⚖⚖to give them a righteous shove ⛰🏔

I pray🙏 for my enemies👥🕴👤 even if I’d like to punch👊🥊 them
But, I hope and 🏇🏄‍♀️⛷strive to be a better gem💍

I don’t want to be a 🙍‍♀️hateful person,
🛐Lord, help me deter⚠️ from transgression 🔥

Father ☝️G-D I trust in you… 👂hear my 🙏plea, and be with me👱‍♀️

Also be with those who🤐😕😔🙃 struggle, while WE are all stuck inside this bubble ➡️🌍 … Amen!


Anonymous 💙



Do you ever wonder🤔
Wonder HOW⁉️ you’ll die ,⚰

I must confess🛐 that I do
And, I don’t know why🤷‍♀️

Look up people 📲💻🖲⌨ randomly
To find out things -Like, did they📺 believe❕❔

Looked up Desi Arnaz🤹‍♂️ and Lucielle Ball🤹‍♀️📺🎬
Before divorce💔, life’s madness😩 – befall

People act🎬🎥🎞 happy until they’re not 😔
And in the end🛌, WHAT have THEY got?

Sad😕 to see many that die 📰
Without remorse, nor much recourse👩‍⚕️-🙏Lord, is that why⁉️

💵💳Money and fame📸🎬📺 ISN’T life
😊Happy I’m 🏚poor, with little strife

It’s never ☝️G-D that is to blame
WE choose righteousness🛐 or bitter shame 😔

But one day, we all exit 🛣🚀
Exit this life🌠⛅… will it be tonight🛌⌛
☝️G-D, am I right? ❔

We all go out 🚪as we come in🚪
Alone👶 …. alone👴 …. when will our next life begin?❔

I choose to see death⚰ as a NEW life👶
💁‍♀️Perhaps this is why it’s termed “AFTER-LIFE.” ⚰💫⛅