🎉Happy 25 CT!!🎂


Happy Birthday🎉 my CT🚴‍♂️
25… 🎂 crazy for me!!

And although you’re gone🚣‍♂️💔 from me
In my 💞heart you’ll always be🏡

It’s been 10 years 📆since all those tears 😢😭
Yet the truth🤚 still isn’t clear🤓

I forgive 🛐THEM for their lies🗣
THEY tried to break our 👩‍👦bond which ties💝

I pray🙏 that ☝️God watch⌚ your whole life ⛅
Which at times cuts like a knife🗡

Did what I thought to be “right” 👩‍🏫👨‍⚖
You chose the safe🛣 path in my sight👀

One day ☝️God will clear the air💨
Loving💖 memories we forebear🤗

Know that I 🙏pray for you always
So much in fact, it would amaze🙆‍♂️

Love💞 you… XoXoXo!!💋



💍Treasured MEMORIES😚


When I die⚰
Don’t lie awake🛌 and cry😭

When I die ⚰
🚫Don’t let my death⚰ eat🍝 up your life🏡

When I die⚰…
💭Remember the good🤗 times
As well as my bad 😒 🎧🗣rhymes… LOL🙆‍♀️

When I die⚰ ….
Hold dear💙 all of our time together👩‍👧
And turn our📸📹 memories into treasure💍

When I die⚰
Don’t 🤷‍♀️wonder or worry 😟
☝️Jesus or Grandpa will look👓 after me 👱‍♀️ in a hurry⛅

Just as ⬆️Christ went “to prepare a place 🏰 for us”…. so will I, therefore trust 🤗

Always keep your faith🛐🙏
👉Make sure that stays in it’s place💙

Anonymous 💙


💙 Valentine’s Day 💞


Another 👹 pagan holiday 💘 has our way come
Therefore, I’ll use it to honor the one that I love 🛐

G-d the Great “I AM” is ☝️His name
Of Him, I will never be ashamed

So powerful that He’s 3 in 1
The Father, the Son 👨‍👦and Holy Spirit 💨 dwelling ⛪ among

⬆️ He gives me more love 💙 than I could ever need
He protects 👮‍♂️ and defends me, my enemies 😠 must take heed 🏕

☝️He is my shelter from any storm ⛈
When I am ❄cold, it is ⬆️He who keeps me warm 💂‍♀️

I let Him down- 😕 everyday – I’m to blame
Yet He lovingly forgives 💖 me, despite my shame 😔

YOU ☝️Adonai, are my ultimate love 💝
As wide as the sky⛅, pure and white as a dove🕊

🙏To YOU, G-d, be all glory👑💥💫 and honor 🛐
Without YOU in my life, I know I’m a goner⚰

Agape 💞 LOVE is the purest kind
For YOU are all ⚡powerful and sublimely devine 💫


Anonymous 💙