Earthquake😯 earthquakes 😮
We are a shaking😨 mess
🙏People thinking this📈📉 is G-D’s test✏

🚫Not afraid of how I’ll ⚰die, but-
Never🤔 thought I’d shake🎢 and lie🛌🚑🚒🚔

This is truly our identification😎

This is why we 🤛must live right🛐
Or risk quaking😨🔥 and die⚰ Tonight

Maybe it’s a 🚢Navy💣NUKE ✏test
Triggering🔫 our fault lines 🏜🌋rest

Something to these film🎞 plotlines📔
San Andreas…📺🎬 forecast faultlines⁉️📡

Please 🙏PRAY for us…

📖 ISAIAH 29:6, “From the ⬆️LORD of hosts you will be punished with thunder⚡ and 🌎earthquake and loud🔊 noise, With whirlwind and tempest and the flame 🔥of a consuming fire.”

Anonymous 💙





When EVERYTHING 🌎 is gone🗺 ☝️G-D IS ALL🙏 WE HAVE💙



🙏🙌 I will worship the Lord my ⬆️G-D and Him☝️ only will I serve 🛐

🚫Not today 😈satan!! The pit of hell🔥 is what you deserve

I will not🚫 be afraid😯 of the terror😱👻 by night ⛼
For I am not🚫 afraid to stand up🤺 and fight🥊

I am not🚫 alone👱‍♀️, for there are many of us🏋️‍♂️🏍🚴‍♀️🤼‍♀️🏇
Ready for the fight 👊of our lives, in ☝️G-D we do trust 🙏

🗣👂Rumors of war💣, won’t be rumored at all
🇺🇸America take heed🏚, a humiliating fall⤵️

This spiritual💫 battle will soon come to an end ☄🔥
So what are you waiting for🙆‍♀️, tell 🗣all of your friends 👩‍⚕️👨‍🏫👩‍💻👨‍🔬👩‍🍳👨‍🚒👩‍✈️

When everything🌎 is gone, it may be too late⌛
Let’s love 💙one another and not🚫 give in to hate 😠

Anonymous 💙





😠Enemies we will have
😠Enemies there will be
It’s hard to love💛 on “man”
Or maybe it’s hard for me👱‍♀️

What’s funny is it seems
Easy for me to see🕶
People 😠 hate on me
Despite my trying 😚 deeds

No specific person in sight 👀
Just life…. we all know it to be UNkind
Out for themselves, actions displayed are unwise 🤦‍♀️

👸A narcissistic person needs no help in their compound🏢
Captivated audiences 📺 🎬acting like they’re spellbound😈

The 👨‍🏫 intellectual holds degrees 👩‍🎓in areas of all things
To hell 🔥with all the others –
Let them air out their own kinks ⛓

No 🎧🎤 rhyme nor reason to these illustrations,
All what will matter in the end ⛅ will be our communication🗞🤝

Did we react 🤺🥊to their hatred OR instead pray 🙏 for them?
Did we tell them off 🗣 in retaliation, or ignore their behavior and pretend? 😉

Better the latter than than first
☝️Jesus was right “turn the other cheek,”
True it’s more difficult, but the outcome will be less bleek and definitely NOT weak🏋️‍♀️



Anonymous 💙


Baruch atah ADONAI,
Eloheinu meleck ha’olam,
Sheheckiyanu vi’kiymanu,
Vi’higiyanu lazman haz’eh.

Blessed are YOU, Lord our G-d,
Ruler of the Universe,
Who has sustained us,
And enabled us to reach this moment in time.🙏

TO 😈
😈 You had it all once with ADONAI 💫 MY Creator,
But instead chose to be G-d’s traitor.🔪


His 👑 kingdom come,
⬆️ His will be done,
At the end of 2018;
Will 2019 be promising? 🤐

😲🤑🙃Society is falling apart,
A world 🌎 in chaos, with no hope or 💔 heart.

⛼🌆🌃 Darkness increases throughout all lands,
No one cares 🤷‍♀️ nor lends a helping hand.🤝


🌊 Noah lived in a similar time,
A prophetic calling 🔊 from G-D… devine.💫

Build an ark, fill it with 2,🐑🐑
Noah complied, to 🙌 ADONAI he remained true.

No one believed ⚠️warnings from heaven,⛅
Sin continued on, with no discretion.☣📺

Jesus, the Son of Man came to be,
When 🌫darkness was rampant, people were set free.🤗

I will keep this short 📝and let you decide,🤔
Will you run OR will you hide?😎

Our world 🌏 now surrounded by witches 👿 and pagans, ☠💀
Few of us using our authority 📖🍷🍪🏺against satan.😈

They have their 🗣spells & potion mixes,
WE HAVE G-D’s 📖🕯word, anointed oils, courage fixes.🍳

Ultimate darkness being ushered in,
I’m NOT afraid👊🥊G-D says we win.🏆🎖

Always remember the below commandments,⬇️
Be assertive, stand firm💪 against propagandists.🎬📰🗞

For He has brought us to such a time⌛ as this,
We are the bold ones, the last generation that is ⬆️ His.

All this talk 🗣about a coming “MARK,”🔬💉

The 📖 word of G-d is very clear,
He knew us before we existed – did you not hear?👂

Don’t let people, friends or family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 bring you down,
Rebuke in Jesus’ name when the 😈enemy acts like a clown.🤡

Be encouraged – I know you can,😏


😫 Madness spreading- things about to get cray-Z,
Pick a side, or it’ll be picked for you IF you remain lazy.🛌🛋

G-d said 📯 they win the battle, WE WIN the War!🥁
We rise again to settle the score.🤾‍♂️🤼‍♀️

IN THE END⚰, no 🚫 friends or family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 at all,
There’s only ⬆️ G-D, taking roll call.🗒✒

🚕🛣 WE go out, as we came in,🚪
Our only hope is ⬆️ Him.

Anonymous 💙

In Honor of Veteran’s Day

I salute all my fellow U.S. servicemen and women, including of course our 🇱🇷 Veterans.
Please know that I keep you all in 🙏prayer. Even if on “inactive status,” we’ve graduated, we’re letter-men!

Despite what 📰news casts like to say,
Not all of us are mental, OR in 😖disarray.

We ship out from military bases to arrive overseas🛳
When we return we are expected to forget everything we’ve 👀 seen.

How dare we return with 🤕mental problems or broken limbs?
Now, they’ll blame us soldiers, for government 💰funds being trimmed.

Many of my unit 👫👧👨friends never made it back alive,
My heart goes out to families of these fallen who have died.

If you see a serviceman or veteran depicted as a 🔫shooter…
Ask yourself this⬇️

Did a war screw him up,
OR was it a 💊💉prescription drug?

I love how they blame everything on a 🔫weapon,
Instead of 🤓🗂researching 💉💊prescriptions as most vets 🤔suspected.

It’s always wise to 🕵️‍♂️🔎investigate,
before making false judgments and/or claims.

Do people truly know what 👊fighting 💣wars is all about?
Maybe if they 📝enlisted, they’d have an 🤔 idea of why we are so 💪 proud.

Because it takes alot of guts to lay one’s own life down,
For people who’d never serve,
Yet 🗣complain and ☹frown.

What would happen to our 🇱🇷 Country if we didn’t stand up to 🥊fight?
Another Country would overtake us, there would be no America to unite.

Next time you see someone complain and/or want to 🏴protest and 🗣chant-
Remind them that it’s only because of 🙌us, they’re able to hold a rant.

Did you know that 📖 Jesus said it’s an 🤚honor to ⚰die in place of another?
The Lord 💛esteemed those who would give their lives for others,
Stating these warriors had great and noble ⚒valor!

Stand tall, stand proud!!
United States Marine Corps, I will “Oo Rah” it out loud!




War, Rhetoric, Prophecy

PEACE✌ or WAR💣, which one’s in store?

As it stands now, nobody knows⁉.

The bible📖 says there will be both,

It’s like a “planned” 📃 top secret oath.

What Countries🌍 face-off in this deadly scam,

Israel, Russia & China are part of the “plan.”

2018-10-06 02.50.302018-10-06 02.50.09

What’s strange😯 to me – are these Countries,

Because my family👪 has all 3.

Married to a Chinese man,💆
Have Russian Family,💂- Jewish🔯 faith. Why this all began!

2018-10-06 02.49.49

It isn’t “people”👳👲👱👮👵👨 who cause these wars💣🚢🚡,

Mind-playing games🎱🎳 open these doors🚪.

How do end times⌛ come into play?

G-D💫 is warning📣 🚧 it’s time to PRAY🙏!

Not for the people who open doors🚪to war💣,

But for shadow👥 entities who rule👑 and keep score📋.

This isn’t about nationality👳👲👮💂,

It’s about a fight👊 called PROPHECY💪.

Gog and Magog, before Armageddon🔥🔥,

But don’t fear, G-D is our only weapon🔫!

After these things we get to reign👑,

With Christ Jesus👆, isn’t that insane?

How cool to think 1,000 years📆,

A millennial rule, with NO fears😱 or tears😭.

Until satan😈 sneaks out again,

But then gets moded👊 by Christ,
And that’s THE END OF HIM!👏

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