IT👤 Creeps In🏡


Does satan😈 live🌳
within your house🏠
It creeps 👤into mine
Just like a mouse🐁🖱🖲

Walking 👣this path 🛣
Is very hard
Awaiting the wrath 🔥
No holds barred⚡☄

I 🚫don’t drink🍻
I 🚫don’t smoke 🚬
I used to
But then I choked😥

Secular music 🎧📻🎵
I 🚫don’t listen to
I talk about ☝🏼God
But that isn’t🚫 “cool”👍🤳

I 🚫don’t fornicate
Been there, done that
☝🏼GOD can’t wait⌛
And that’s just a fact✔👨🏻‍🏫

To the young 🏃‍♀️🕺
All I can say🤔
🚫Nothing in life
Can always be “your way”🍔🔱

I’m sorry🙁 that time⌚
is really short
Some of you wish🤞
GOD☝🏼 was last resort🏝

🙏🏻Thankfully GOD☝🏼
Doesn’t see🤓 things our way
Which is why He asks 📯📣
for your love💙💖 TODAY

I am 🚫NOT perfect👌
And will NEVER be
But I’ve surrendered 🛐
My life to unto THEE☝🏼

For GOD☝🏼 is the ultimate 🙇‍♀️
In the word “HOLY” 👼💫
In Him⬆️ find happiness🤗
You’ll see, honestly🤚



The 📖 “WORD”

A while ago⏮
I blogged 📲💻about
Whom I serve 🛐
Without🚫⁉️ doubt

☝️GOD the Father,
And, His Son
The 💫Holy Spirit…
3 in 1💞

“Back ⬅️and forth➡️
Goes your thread 🤳
From God to Christ,”
A comment 🖋read 👓

Did I know💡
Which 🤔was right?
The commenter🗣stated
Earlier that 🌃🌒night

The book of 📖JOHN
Chapter 1 explains 👨‍🏫
The 3 💞are one
1 and the same💝

In the🌳 beginning was “the Word”📯📖
“The Word” 📯📖became human 🚶‍♂️
Had you not heard?👂

The Word📯📖 has always been there,
From the very beginning🌳
He came to earth 🌍
To burden👷‍♂️ our sinning😈🤡

Anonymous 💙💞



🛡Against the 🕵️‍♀️enemy Lord ☝️G-D I pray🙏
For all of my 🙋‍♀️🙌believing brethren this day

May we sleep🛌 sheltered in your 🤗arms
🏹Averse to ideology🗿or false👿👽charms💎

May we rest⛺🛏 inimical to
😱😈Adversity that’s 🚫not from you⬆️⛅

In the 👤shadow of your 👼wings will we soar🕊
Blessed🙏 be the ☝️G-D of 🕎Abraham, whom we 🕎adore 💞
Through ⬆️Christ Jesus, your son👶 who’s at the door🚪



🙏Faith🙌 Healing👨‍⚕️



Another injury🤕😷, another testimony 🙌
By 💞Faith you 👨‍⚕️heal, because you are Holy 💫

Jesus you 🤗 are my 👨‍⚕️physician
🙏Faith has zero to do with bogus 🏯⛪🕌religion🕍

💊💉Healing comes from 🙏belief
No one👥👤 can take it, not even a thief🕵️‍♂️

Cut part of my 👍thumb 🔪off neglectfully cooking🍳
This wasn’t planned, I just 🚫wasn’t looking 👀


🛐Plead the blood of Christ because I believe 💞💫
🏥24 hours later, my thumb use 🚑retrieved

🛐Thank you Lord Jesus, my 🤗savior ☝️G-d’s son….
Only through you, can I hear G-d say📣 “well done.”

Crystal Lewis- Lord I Believe In You w/Lyrics – YouTube




✋I will hold fast to your promises
🤚I will hold fast to you, my king👑
🤚I will hold fast to your promises
Because YOU🤗 mean so much to me

🛐I’m truly sorry for ever 🤔doubting you
🛐I’m sorry I ever blamed YOU for anything 🙆‍♀️
Until I read it 📖 for myself, I didn’t realize all YOU☝️ do is help 🤝💞

It’s the enemy 😈who persecutes, he belittles 🤡and destroys 😱
All you have ever done ☝️G-D is create us👩‍👧‍👧 to enjoy 😊

And even when we don’t deserve your kindness💞 and continued mercy
You 🤺🛡protect all of us… not just those who live near New Jersey🗽

Seems to me you, G-D☝️ got the raw end of the deal 📝💼
We humans 🙍‍♂️🙍‍♀️ judge👨‍⚖, destroy👷‍♂️, speak blasphemies🙎‍♀️, and kill 🔫

Although unworthy🛐 I hope to stand 🙌for YOU☝️ someday
I hope the last⚰ breath🌬 I take gives YOU☝️ glory 💥💫in some way 🙌

Until then I pray🙏 you know that some of us still believe 💞
Yes we fail 😔at almost everything… But, we will try to endure💪 and achieve 🥊🏆🎖

Anonymous 💙

NO 🚫 other gods⚠️



Today’s world 🌎 is so conflicted
Filled with 😭anxiety, it’s almost wholly inflicted 💉

When will any of us understand 🤷‍♂️
We should love and lend others a helping hand 🤝

As Christ Jesus did in his time
A sacrificial lamb🐑 with no blemish…. divinely sublime 💫

The ☝️G-d of Jacob, Isaac & Father Abraham
💛LOVE entrapped a deity within a human 🤵 man

In strange times📰 we indeed find ourselves
Living another day📅, just on another one of life’s levels…called shelves 🛋

All ☝️He asked is that we place Him as ☝️👑G-D 1st
This place called 🌍earth, where we seem almost cursed 😈

A thunder⚡🌩 roaring… Do you hear👂it now?
That’s ☝️G-d’s voice, 🤛commanding a crowd🙌

We love 💞you Father, but WE ALL fall short
A life-changing mission👨‍🚀 I wish we’d abort 🚀

Nothing has changed since your Son last came
If anything, we’re more blemished and completely ashamed 😔

I must say G-d, the accuser 😈 has done well
People have lost it🤕, they’re most likely all going to hell🔥

And even though I suck as a believer with sin😕
Until my last breath🚑 through Christ’s blood I’m able to begin again 🙏🙌

Thank you for loving Humanity with agape unconditional love 💞
For you are ALPHA & OMEGA, king and creator from above⛅🛐


Anonymous 💙