The 🕴ATHEIST… Green Eggs🍳 & Ham🐖

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More and more 🕴atheists being proclaimed 📣
Many atheist “✡Jews,” polluted and insane

🔊 I am not religious I’m “culturally 📯🕎Jew-ISH”
What the heck does that mean?⁉️❗❔
Clearly, you are more ghoulish 👻

🕴Atheists profess to be “chosen;” 🙃Crazy obscene!
IF they don’t 🚫 believe, then the word “coo-coo” 🤕 is what they must mean

The synagogue of satan wouldn’t choose these souls,
😕Sadly these people are wasted💊 Their minds and actions out of control 😭

Another group of 🕴atheists are those of new age witches 👿
🔊”There is no G-d, nor a satan!” They experience power 🔋🔌⚡glitches

Unlike 🃏fool’s I don’t 🚫 follow “sam”🕴
I FOLLOW ☝️G-D, the Great “I AM.”☝️

20190218_230848.jpg⬆️EXACTLY, so little TIME⏳


Anonymous 💙  [FYI: I’m a Jew for Christ]

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