⛏🔓Losing Faith💔

Jesus walked on water 🏞
His disciples were amazed 🙌🏻
Peter attempted 👣
Jesus asked:⁉️”where is your faith?”⁉️

It’s easy to lose😔 faith💔
When surrounded by grief😢
Yesterday I was tested✍
Failed miserably but relieved😷

It’s easy to say 📣
“have 💙Faith, you can 💪stand!”
But when one is tested✏
It takes ☝🏼God and the son of man💞

🛐Lord forgive me 💔
for failing to see🙄👀
That it’s only through YOU☝🏼
I can see🤓 the real me

By the way God,
🛐thank you again
for helping to heal🚑
My dog🐶Hercules 🐕 my friend🤗




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